Bad idea…. really bad.



I admit to drinking the occasional Coca Cola.




And yes.

I know it’s not healthy….




Alright, that’s disturbing.

But I probably only drink one or two a month, like dessert.

It’s sugary enough to satisfy my sweet tooth…. and hey.

If it can clean the corrosion off a car battery? It can do the same to my colon. Everybody wins.

I’m not going to get into the Coke vs Pepsi debate…

Because there’s really only one acceptable way to drink Pepsi.




And while I do find Cherry Coke acceptable now and then?

I’ve never tasted another flavor I could tolerate and have to wonder why they keep putting new ones on the market.

It’s Coke.

It has 7,000 tablespoons of sugar per ounce and two cans will put you into diabetic coma. I get it. Now leave it alone and stop trying to invent new ways for us to drink it.

(Please note this does not stop me from trying every single one. Hope springs eternal.)

The latest roll out?




Orange vanilla.

I had visions of a Creamsicle Coke!

It works for martinis… why not Coke.

How bad could it be?



Very, very bad.


B74esjWIMAAUl-P (2)


Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Pour it directly on your corroded car battery (or filthy toilet) and be done with it.

I wouldn’t have thought it possible to screw up orange vanilla anything, but they did.

Give it a wide berth on the grocery aisle. Tasting like radioactive waste might not be a coincidence…

It’s that bad.






42 thoughts on “Bad idea…. really bad.”

      1. Now you’ve done it. Some product development specialist from Coke is going to get wind if this idea and in a year and a half we’ll be staring at Lychee Coke on the shelves… and you won’t get the credit (or blame) you deserve. 🙂

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  1. My mom drank Coke. When new Coke came out, she said it tasted like Pepsi. My dad couldn’t understand why that was a problem. 🤷‍♀️🤢

    Now that I no longer drink soda, I think they’re both disgusting, but I remember liking regular Coke. I think I’ve had vanilla, which is only ok. I’m not big on flavored sodas like you’re talking about.

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      1. Nick’s mom made the BEST. And I have not been able to duplicate it. Before drinking her mix? I hated iced tea. Now? LOVE the mix. Fuze has some in Subways so I get that now. But it’s not the same……….

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  2. I always go with original flavors; whenever I’ve tried a new flavor variety (Cheerios, Peeps, Oreos) I just end up wishing I had stuck with the original. Maybe I’ve programmed myself. Of course with regular Coke, I’m usually adding a ‘lil Capt’n Morgan–I must have programmed that in my head too. LOL.

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  3. Cherry Coke Zero drinker here, and only because I’m on Keto and it’s the only Coke product that doesn’t have a bazzillion teaspoons of sugar and still tastes like Coke. I’d passed this Orange Vanilla flavor for weeks thinking the same thing. Should I try it or not? Now, thanks to you I’ll pass. Speaking of horrible Coke flavors, remember Coke with Lemon? Super Yuck!

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  4. Great post! I tried it, too, and I actually kind of liked it. You are right on with the creamsicle, too. I thought it tasted like coke, but with an orange creamsicle aftertaste, which was pretty odd, but kind of good.

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  5. I’m a Coke-a-holic. Truly, I prefer fountain Cokes, but in a can, Pepsi made with real sugar is tops. It is my special thing. I go days and days without proper soda, but then I MUST HAVE REAL SODA. I drink a lot of coffee, tea, water, and seltzer, and I try to appease my soda desire with diet Pepsi, and diet cream soda, and diet root beer — but honest to goodness, I’m an addict. I can go 7-8 tops and then I start to craaave. When I drink real soda, my eyes water and glaze over and i get a rush and oh my hat, it’s terrible, terrible wonderful addiction. Tsk.
    I will not be wasting my money or calories on orange vanilla Coke, because when I saw that at the store, I felt it was a bleedin crime.

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