Sedgley Place


Dinner with friends a while back was here.




A renovated old Federal House built in 1786.

Getting a reservation is tough as they only do 3 seatings a night, but it’s well worth the wait.

Walking in, I’m always struck by the low ceilings and even lower lamp placement.




I know we were a shorter race of people back in 1786…

But were we that short?





There was a raucous crowd of 95 downstairs, celebrating someone’s 50th birthday. I would dearly have loved to join them, ( some arrived in a hearse!)  but our waitress escorted us up the stairs.




To a quiet dining room with dated wallpaper and curtains, where we were given the menu.




It changes weekly, and all meals are 5 course for $36.95.




You’re welcome.

And thank you for the fine Patron margaritas….




Okay, this is getting out of hand.

The food was lovely.




Home baked wheat bread with honey butter.

Scallop stuffed mushroom caps… which I ate too quickly to photograph.




Caesar salad.




Bacon wrapped Filet mignon with sweet fig demi glace, medium rare and tender enough to slice with your spoon.

I was too full for dessert but since it was included, the husband had his white chocolate raspberry cheesecake there… and took mine to go.




We waddled out some time later, only to be blocked in by the hearse.

Seriously… you have to love people who rent hearse transportation for their birthday parties.

I didn’t even know that was possible.




But now I totally want to pick up the girls for a night out sometime soon!







30 thoughts on “Sedgley Place”

    1. Well, they consider the loaf of bread the first course… but yes. Still very reasonable for a lovely filet. The husband just paid $45 the other night and that was just the entree. Of course this place is out in the middle of nowhere so that may be why the prices are kept low.

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    1. The house itself is lovely. The decor? Old, but not vintage … and in desperate need of an update.
      And come on, wouldn’t you like to swig a few Cosmos with the girls in the back of a hearse? Talk about spitting in death’s eye!

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  1. I have to agree with masercot, you had all that food for only $36? That is definitely a steal. And it was good to boot AND there was a 50th Birthday Party including a hearse?! That hearse is a great idea, you knows those peeps know how to party! lol

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  2. OMG, those mashed potatoes all piped out so cute like that on the plate? It almost doesn’t matter what they tasted like! They did the the butter like that too, love it. Guess I’m a sucker for some fancy piped food!

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