Even better than rocks…


I’ve been known to give some interesting birthdays gifts in my time.

Some elicit laughter, some tears….

Some? Downright befuddlement.

It’s all good.

In the past few years, I’ve gifted my husband with experiences as well as tangible items.

2014 was a beer making lesson.




Friends and family joined us for what I thought would be a laugh a minute celebration…




Ah, look at those happy faces.

(Word of warning –  if you’re thinking about trying it? There’s a lot more to beer than drinking. And I don’t recommend any of it.)

Beer drinking? Fun!

Beer making?




Not so much.

It’s a long involved process…. that I completely stopped caring about two hours in.




Poor husband.

Look at him… he had his tasting glass ready and it wasn’t anywhere near finished.

Birthday experience gift rating on a scale of 1 to 10?



Last year I nailed it with a School of Falconry class.

This was fabulous and we both enjoyed it immensely.




Husband got up close and personal with a Harris Hawk and a Peregrine Falcon.

And they were both beautiful creatures.




Learning to handle them can be challenging.




As well as a little intimidating.

Of course, they were nothing compared to the instructor.



She was downright terrifying.

(I think the husband had flashbacks to boot camp and reverted to a quivering PFC before my eyes.)

But baggie of dead quails aside?




An awesome day.

Birthday experience gift rating?

A definite 10!


So this year, along with the rock and other assorted presents…

I gave him a helicopter.





Okay, calm down.

Those babies go for $425,000.

I gave him the experience of learning how to fly a helicopter.

Half an hour class instruction, half an hour flying time with 2 guests.

I’m not sure when we’ll do it, most likely after the weather warms up.

But I’m guessing it’s going to be a good one!

Assuming we don’t die in a flaming fireball of a crash…

That’s bound to reduce the rating.




40 thoughts on “Even better than rocks…”

  1. Wow!!!! Fantastic gifts – all of them, even the beer making shenanigan. I, personally, think it’s cool….Super long (can’t believe it lasted over 2 hours) but very cool, nonetheless. Your husband is a lucky man, you’re a thoughtful wife.😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, it was longer than that…. I just lost interest after 2 hours. There was even a follow up class a week later. Too much work when there are so many craft breweries who want me to drink their product instead!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Both my brothers brew beer at home and enjoy the process as well as the end result. It is a lot of work . . . especially if you want to avoid making a batch of “skanky beer.” 😀

    I’ve only flown in a helicopter once ~ over the badlands of S.D. Loved the experience. Hope you both enjoy the lesson.

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  3. I could never get Nick anything that topped what he got me. Except a couple times (in 23 yrs) and that was a pro pencil job of his 2 favorite cars(not cheap $200 just to frame them) and I also bought him a couple artist prints of Mustangs and Misc Fords.

    He got me Eagles and Simon & Garfunkle concert tickets and that tops the list of ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the concert tickets he found us. Lane Cedar Chest, Jewelry Chest, trips, Circ’ d soliel (or however you write it) at Wedeman? Theatre UWGB………He did so many awesome things for birthday and Christmas I have lost track.

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  4. You to can learn to fly a helicopter and get your pilots license in only half an hour! I can just hear Sally Struthers announcing this as the latest class being offered at International Correspondence Schools. Call now, and they’ll even throw in the TV/VCR repair degree…

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  5. Beer making–or even tasting? Falconry? Helicopter training? None of that for me! And that’s why you will get a suggested gift list when I send invitations out for my 21st Leap Year birthday party!!

    Liked by 1 person

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