It’s that time again…





Let’s begin.

1.  John Quincy Adams went skinny dipping in the Potomac on his 79th birthday.




If this mental image has to be stuck in my head?

I want it to be stuck in yours as well.


2.  After eating, the common housefly regurgitates it’s food and eats it again.

Because sometimes, pizza is just that good.




3.  Charlie Brown’s father is a barber.

Admit it, you never knew that.

You’re welcome.





4.  A barnacle has the largest penis of any other animal in relation to it’s size.

Oddly enough, this is a question that’s rarely asked in trivia games.

And Lord knows, I’ve been waiting to dazzle crowds with my barnacle member dimension knowledge for years.




5.   There’s a town in Texas called Ding Dong.

Truly, there is.

It’s north of Austin.




And I have a question for Texas bloggers…





I’m all for being proud of your home town, but….





29 thoughts on “It’s that time again…”

  1. I remember a Peanuts strip where Schroeder talks to Charlie Brown about his mother deciding hair cuts were too expensive so she was going to cut his hair herself. Charlie Brown replies, “I hope she cuts your ears off”…

    I don’t remember Schroeder’s punchline…

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  2. *huff!*
    We’re mighty fond of our Ding dong. Pioneers Zulis and Bert Bell founded it when they opened the Ding dong store. And world famous bass guitarist Mike Honcho calls it home. You have, of course, heard of Mike Honcho.

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      1. We are a little sensitive about Ding Dong references down here, with all them there Yankees with U-Hauls coming this way. We take unsupported ding dong references in hand, and generally find they don’t measure up to our Ding Dong measure.

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  3. Texas Blogger here, I’m sure Texas isn’t the only state with such eccentric names. I mean hello? There is a town called Blue Ball in Delaware. Ding Dong doesn’t sound so out of the ordinary after that right? Texas also has a town called Cool, Texas. I mean you can’t beat that, temperature wise Texas is anything but, as far as attitude we’re “the” coolest, just sayin’, lol.

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  4. Ironically enough, the only one of these factoids I did know was the Charlie Brown one. He mentioned his dad was a barber a few times back in my days of reading the funnies…

    And now I’m thinking they should have added JQA to Mount Rushmore…

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