Worst event location… ever.


A friend gave my husband a flyer the other day.

It was advertising an upcoming beer and wine tasting benefit.

I like beer!





I like wine!




It sounded like my type of event.




Until I saw where it was being held…




And since I’ve been known to talk to almost anyone while imbibing?

I think we’re going to have to take a hard pass on this one.

33 thoughts on “Worst event location… ever.”

    1. Sadly, the husband has to work that afternoon. If I drag him there when he’s tired, he might nap during the festivities. That could lead to a mistake in recognizing party goers from clients. Not good.


  1. These IS one advantage to having such an event at a funeral home — if the guests drink so much that the hosts run out of beer and wine, they can break out the embalming fluid and no one would know the difference. 😦

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