Air mail for bird nerds.


I love living in the country….

Because you never know who will drop by.

Or deliver the mail.




The other day?




It was this little beauty.




An American Kestrel.

We have many birds of prey fly over head…. Bald Eagles, Red Tail Hawks, Golden Eagles, Ospreys .




We have a Sharp Shinned Hawk who plucks mourning doves off our bird feeders.




Yes, even the ones in disguise.

We have a Barred Owl who perches on our deck railing waiting for mice to scurry by.




But this Kestrel is the first one I’ve seen on our property in the 18 years we’ve lived here.

For bird lovers like us?

It’s a beautiful thing.





26 thoughts on “Air mail for bird nerds.”

  1. We have cardinals around here and they are, by my reckoning, some of the stupidest birds ever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an American Kestrel, but they’d be a good improvement over the birds I do see.

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  2. How amazing to see Bald Eagles! They are just so freaking majestic. And enormous, lol. Their nests are usually pretty large too. I’ve seen a nest in person, but have never seen the bird itself. I watch them from time to time on the web on this nest cam they have in Pittsburgh, PA. Not as cool as the real deal though, I’m sure. So cool to have so many amazing birds in your neck of the woods.

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  3. I used to tease and torment my parents for birding. Then I moved to Georgia for seven years, saw birds not so much, and when I moved home, I turned into my mother, like Poof! Last week, my children made fun of me watching the pregnant robin. With binoculars. Because I am that mom now.

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