Good news, bad news.


Good news?

Our visiting Kestrel is back…




And he brought a friend…




(Apologies for the photo quality, I was at the utter limits of my zoom lens)




They’re such pretty little things, and I enjoyed watching them fly around the yard all morning.

Until I heard a thump…

And looked out the window.







Not for the dove anyway.




Kestrels will be Kestrels.




But it would have been nice if he’d finished his meal and not left me the pieces and parts clean up detail…




As well as a blood stained lawn.

Okay, granted… it could be worse.




But still….





25 thoughts on “Good news, bad news.”

      1. If The Dragons moved in, The Kestrels would probably move out. and the dogs and the cats and the mice and the rats and the possums and the pretty much everything.

        No more Kestrel mess, just Dragon mess. 😳

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  1. Jeez! Mother Nature is such a savage! What a mess he left though… Who’s his mother? She didn’t teach him to clean up after himself?

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  2. Yeah. The other day we were leaving and Moo said, “Look at the hawk!” I looked up and I said, “Oh is that a new hawk? Is it new? What kind is that — ” and as I said it, it swooped down and took a smaller bird and I said, “Okay, yes, hawk, new hawk at the house.”
    😦 Well it’s just what they do…

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  3. River g…..MAY 12, 2019 AT 7:57 AM
    I could build my own throne out of bones…”

    I like where your going with this.
    1/-Encourage Dragons to feed in your yard.
    2/-Accumulate discarded bones from said feeding.
    3/-Build throne from said bones.
    4/-One easy step to world domination.

    easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

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