Epic thrift store finds.


I read an article the other day about the crazy things people find at thrift stores. This was right up my alley as I used to post my wackadoodle discoveries as well.

If you’ve never thrifted?

You’ve never really shopped.

I mean really…. where else can you find these treasures.

Searching for fine literature?




Find it at the Thrift store.

Not being a musher, I was totally unaware sexual preference was even a factor.

Go figure.


When you’re in need of a box of decapitated doll heads?




And let’s be honest…

Who isn’t these days?





They’re at the Thrift store.


When you’re searching for a little extra something to compliment the dogs playing poker velvet wall hanging in your living room?




You’ll find it at the Thrift store.

Shells playing poker are perfect.


Fido’s constant shedding driving you nuts?




Thrift store to the rescue.

Beat grandma to the punch this Christmas and give her the ugly sweater.


Can’t find that just right gift for the dominatrix in your life?




Look no more…. your local thrift store has S&M Teddy.

Her heart will melt, and then she’ll whip heart shaped cuts on your thighs.

It’s a win win.


And speaking of gifts…

Those hard to buy for people?

They’d love a vomit clock from the Thrift store.




Yes, that was the description the person who found it gave in the article.

Vomit clock.

I’m hoping  (really, really hoping)  that it’s just heavily shellacked pebbles in a putrid pink hue.

But hey, it came from a thrift store….

Anything’s possible.





51 thoughts on “Epic thrift store finds.”

      1. Ooh, used book stores! I could spend all day….
        We used to have one where you could trade, bring 3 walk out with one. I loved it, but sadly they closed. No one ever paid actual money they just swapped. Fun for readers, not a smart business plan.

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  1. There’s a whole genre of YouTube videos in which you watch as a some young woman goes into a thrift store and talks about the clothes + things she finds there. Friends tell me that this vlogs are interesting, but the one I watched creeped me out. Now if it were a used bookstore I could get into them…

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  2. Did one of those shells playing cards have a cigarette in it’s mouth? Yep, it sure did, and only in a thrift store would one find shells playing cards and smoking. But what would one do with figures of shells playing cards? Hmmmm…..

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  3. My god, do I love the thrift store. I always thought that if I didn’t have to work I would spend all day driving up and down the coast stopping at every thrift store along the way. It’s always an adventure inside.

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      1. Remember the early days of Roadshow? When ignorance was still bliss for treasure seekers like us…
        Now I’ll never find that Jackson Pollock at Goodwill. Damn their hides.


      2. The worst was when the Goodwill near me opened an attached “Goodwill Vintage” store, where it was all the good stuff cherry-picked from general population and then walked next door and put on the shelf for ten times the price!

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  4. I LOVE THRIFT STORES! I once bought a piano there (and still have it) and a kitchen full of cabinets! The piano was $200. The cabinets were $50. Of course that was 20 years ago; however, some deals just can’t be beat! Also, I have to be careful when I shop these days. There’s only so much room and I’m trying to downsize! I’ve spent the last couple of months giving back to those same stores from which I bought so much. 🙂 Mona
    PS ~ Stay away from any item with the description of “vomit” in it. And unless you’re an artist, no one needs decapitated doll heads. If you’re an artist, then…maybe. Things might get creative. Or they may just continue to sit in a box on the shelf waiting until you get to that inspirational project that you bought them for…waiting…waiting…

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    1. I often shop at local thrift stores, see something and think…hey, that used to be mine. But as long as I don’t buy it again, I call it good.
      I remember seeing a Halloween display with glow sticks stuck inside decapitated doll heads. Uber creepy!


  5. My youngest sister works at a thrift store. People will literally just dump their trash off on them (Unless there’s a market for used feminine hygiene products). I’m not sure why I’ve never gone to one though given my love of unique items and hoarder union card…

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