Are we really doing this?


I saw an advertisement the other day that made me do a double take.




This is one of those times.







Are we really doing this?

Baby Pod.

“The intravaginal device that entertains your fetus with an insertable speaker for your baby maker.”




It’s basically a small  ( I hope! ) speaker that pregnant women can insert into their vaginas to play music for their uterine inhabitants.


Now while I’m usually down for any new tech that hits the market,

And I’ve connected my iPhone to a lot of different things over the years….

I admit this one gives me pause.

Here’s the science behind it:


Dr. Marisa López-Teijón from Institut Marquès said that her team studies the influence of music on embryonic and fetal development.”We’ve conducted a study showing that musical vibrations increase the chances that the sperm fertilizes the egg, i.e. that music improves IVF.”

Having found better results in in-vitro fertilization through musical vibrations for embryos, the researchers decided to apply their idea to fetuses.

López-Teijón and her team placed speakers on pregnant women’s abdomens during ultrasounds but found no fetal reaction. “In fact, gynecologists had never observed in an ultrasound a change on the fetus as a reaction to external noises or the voice of the mother,” the doctor explained.

“We decided that we had to bring closer to them the source of sound,” she continued. “We had to bring the background music into the uterus. And I had the idea of inserting a speaker in the vagina of pregnant women.”



I’m sure Apple Music and Spotify are thrilled.







For three months, the team evaluated 106 expectant mothers and their unborn babies’ reactions to intravaginal music. “We were pleasantly surprised to see the excitement of parents during ultrasound sessions to see the spectacular images of face, tongue and mouth movements of their babies,”López-Teijón said, adding that most patients wanted to repeat the experience and many more parents-to-be requested to participate.



I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest seeing spectacular images of their babies faces isn’t the only reason mothers are feeling excitement.






Admittedly, I don’t have children…. so forgive me if I’m speaking out of turn.

But if this had been available during my child bearing years?

Junior would probably have ended up like this.








46 thoughts on “Are we really doing this?”

  1. OMG, how ridiculous is it to advertise a vajayjay boombox for a fetus? I mean come the fuck on? I have three kids and let me tell you, as uncomfortable as pregnancy can get the last thing I’d want in my hooha at six or eight months pregnant is a baby stereo, ugh.

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  2. “I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest seeing spectacular images of their babies faces isn’t the only reason mothers are feeling excitement.” I’m thinking if you cranked the volume up to boom box level, you could get a nice buzz. My ribs hurt from laughing, River.

    Um. No. But if “Yes”, then I’m thinking I wouldn’t be sharing that earbud with anyone else.

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  3. OMFG! I. Can’t. BREATHE. *crying*

    I don’t have kids, either but, headphones outside or singing tampon inside…it occurs to me that amniotic fluid would distort ANY sound. I question their *research*. That is tantamount to saying “experts agree”. Besides, I think they hear more than these folks suggest. They are in a womb, not a concrete bunker.

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  4. Why wait until they’re in school to brainwash them…. let’s start feeding their minds before they’re even born! I can’t wait until the first time someone has their bass pumping so loud it’s shaking the entire neighborhood, and I find out it’s just some prego out for a morning walk…

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