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Giving them the bird.


Today the turkeys beat the deer to the buffet.



Come on mom, I’m hungry.



Bambi wanted in.



But was decidedly out numbered.



Look at mommas face.

She is not pleased.



But she gives in and tries to approach.




Even when Bambi runs at them they just scatter and regroup.



Still hungry…



Bambi finds an alternative source.



All present and accounted for.


It’s turkey season.




And that doesn’t bode well for our fine feathered visitors.




Momma brought her seven babies for their first nosh under the bird feeders a few months ago…




And they’re all still with her.




You go momma.




They’re comical birds to watch.




Like big brown chickens who gobble instead of cluck.




Though her babies are almost full grown, momma is still vigilant…




And takes off at the slightest perceived threat.




Picture of pretty backyard trees included… just because I can.


Pandemic humor.


Because laughter is the shortest distance between two people.



You knew it had to happen.

Pumpkin spice is everywhere….




Though I’m ashamed to admit I’m old enough to remember those.



All things considered?

Not bad Jen.



At this point, falling through a giant hole in the ground would be preferable to grocery shopping.



She really is.

Momma needs a cocktail. Don’t judge.



Single guys?

Please let me know how these work.



I hope so…

But it’s not looking good.

Another Bambi sighting.


These two cuties came running up from the woods the other day while I was reading on the barn porch.




They’ve grown so quickly.




Getting taller every day.




We have a total of four fawns who visit.




But I’m guessing these two are twins since they’re always together.




Mom wandered up shortly after.




And kept an eagle eye on me and my camera.




No worries momma.




Bambi is safe with me.





It’s that time again.






Posing in clover.




Having a healthy snack.





Or biting, who the hell knows? They’re rodents….. for all I know they’re discussing campaign strategy.




They love lettuce.




And since we’ve been flooded with it from our CSA, so have they.

Behold –




My first photo of momma and 4 babies together.




She’s down 2 due to fox predation, so the sextuplets are now quadruplets.




Poor momma.




She’s fiercely protective, but Mother Nature always has the final say.

Like these quick shots I didn’t have time to focus.




Do you suppose that starling called Uber….




And this was what showed up?

Squirrel saga finale.


Mad momma squirrel’s rampage continued for almost an hour.



Poor little thing, I did feel badly for her.



She was looking everywhere for her babies.



And then..



There they were.



Calling frantically for her.



So she came and got them, one by one.



Right past us, no fear at all.



I don’t know where she took them, but I hope it’s far away.

I love all our visiting critters.

But not when they want to actually take up residence in our house.


Are we really doing this?


I saw an advertisement the other day that made me do a double take.




This is one of those times.







Are we really doing this?

Baby Pod.

“The intravaginal device that entertains your fetus with an insertable speaker for your baby maker.”




It’s basically a small  ( I hope! ) speaker that pregnant women can insert into their vaginas to play music for their uterine inhabitants.


Now while I’m usually down for any new tech that hits the market,

And I’ve connected my iPhone to a lot of different things over the years….

I admit this one gives me pause.

Here’s the science behind it:


Dr. Marisa López-Teijón from Institut Marquès said that her team studies the influence of music on embryonic and fetal development.”We’ve conducted a study showing that musical vibrations increase the chances that the sperm fertilizes the egg, i.e. that music improves IVF.”

Having found better results in in-vitro fertilization through musical vibrations for embryos, the researchers decided to apply their idea to fetuses.

López-Teijón and her team placed speakers on pregnant women’s abdomens during ultrasounds but found no fetal reaction. “In fact, gynecologists had never observed in an ultrasound a change on the fetus as a reaction to external noises or the voice of the mother,” the doctor explained.

“We decided that we had to bring closer to them the source of sound,” she continued. “We had to bring the background music into the uterus. And I had the idea of inserting a speaker in the vagina of pregnant women.”



I’m sure Apple Music and Spotify are thrilled.







For three months, the team evaluated 106 expectant mothers and their unborn babies’ reactions to intravaginal music. “We were pleasantly surprised to see the excitement of parents during ultrasound sessions to see the spectacular images of face, tongue and mouth movements of their babies,”López-Teijón said, adding that most patients wanted to repeat the experience and many more parents-to-be requested to participate.



I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest seeing spectacular images of their babies faces isn’t the only reason mothers are feeling excitement.






Admittedly, I don’t have children…. so forgive me if I’m speaking out of turn.

But if this had been available during my child bearing years?

Junior would probably have ended up like this.