Sorry boys….


But you look like weirdos this time of year.




Last fall, this buck was a 12 pointer.





He looks like a Princess Leia wannabe.




I mean come on…

The other deer are laughing at him.




And apparently, so is Chris Hemsworth.



Sorry guy…




But it’s true.

You do look kind of ridiculous.


24 thoughts on “Sorry boys….”

  1. Aww leave Gunther alone, he’s growing them back day by day, soon he’ll be a 12 pointer again. Back off of Gunther or he’ll have his friends from the Evil Squirrels Nest come and kick some serious ass, just sayin’.

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      1. Of course, I wouldn’t expect any less. But then Gunther would be like “Okay enough!! I got rid of them so I wouldn’t get shot assholes” then Rainy would be like…..”Hahahahahahaha” and DJ Scratchy would bust out another disco song “Stayin’ Alive” just for Gunther….while Fuzzywig busts out the bong…..yep good times, good times.

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