A modern fairy tale.


Once upon a time there was a Princess.

We shall call her….





(River has been called a lot of things in her day, but never a Princess.

So if you’re calling?

Make it loud.)




Princess River loves her flowers. She plants them whenever and wherever she can.

And since the Princess lives in a kingdom that’s covered by snow and ice half of the year?




She takes her plantings seriously.




When she first moved into her castle, she toiled long and hard until she had the biggest and most beautiful garden bed in the land.

In early summer it sprouted stunning displays of Lupine….


IMG_0266 (2)


And myriads of other riotous, colorful blooms all season long.


IMG_0087 (2)


Princess River was content.


IMG_0084 (2)


This went on for many happy years until her husband, the evil Prince, started mowing in close proximity to the bed. He also mowed in the wrong direction.

Bad Prince.


She asked him to be more careful.

She pleaded with him to go the other way.

But month after month the dastardly toad blew grass clippings in to her carefully tended flower garden.




(You do.

And I shall…)

The Princess weeded, she turned the soil, she mulched….  but to no avail.

After a year or two, the grass took over.




It choked all Princess River’s lovely flowers to death.




Princess River was not happy.

She had to leave the castle and hump 12 bags of mulch across the moat.




She had to wack down all her blooms, rake up the dead bodies, reset the brick border, lay weed block paper, re-mulch and reset the pavers that anchored the Royal Bath of Birds.

The sky darkened. The wind blew.

It started to rain.

And she ran out of mulch.




(Mathematical coverage formulas were never her strong suit.)

Princess River had to abandon her project when a deluge of biblical proportion battered her royal self.




She will be victorious…. someday.

Until then she will slowly plot her revenge upon the evil Prince and his heinous grass cutting machines.

She will plan carefully.

The punishment must fit the crime.





40 thoughts on “A modern fairy tale.”

  1. This is a beautiful fairy tale, but I think that evil Prince should have DEF helped the Princess fix up the royal flower bed as his punishment. That was a ton of work for the Princess by herself. It will be so satisfying to have done it all herself though… SO excited for part two of this fairy tale, too see what the princess grows!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Prince had conveniently vacated the castle when the work was done. He’s clever that way…
      Sadly, the royal flower bed will be lying fallow this season in order to choke out the grass. Planting will commence again next year.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, the prince needs to be punished in the most evil way possible. That’s why I’m for having real live dragons like in GOT. If you had one, you could have trained it to guard your beautiful garden. Or fly the prince away with his grass cutting machine either way your garden would have been safe, just sayin’.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nick used to get mad at me for mowing around the house 3 times blowing the grass back into the yard I hadn’t mowed yet. He couldn’t seem to understand by doing that not only was I NOT putting grass seeds in my flower beds, LESS MOWED GRASS GOT TRACKED INTO THE HOUSE!! *sigh*

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s a simple concept.
        I use the push mower to mow the front lawn, the sides and the upper back. I do this because there are lots of flower beds. When he comes right behind me and remows with the tractor, blowing grass everyhwere?
        I want to scream…
        And plunge a dagger in his heart.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. River,
    OH HELL NO!!!!! Didn’t you say the evil prince has a barn full of “stuff” that he “collects”? So how much of it do you have to clear out before he takes notice that it has become as barren as your poor flower garden? Just a thought, not that I’m vengeful or anything. Sending diabolical thoughts of revenge for you to summon at your pleasure! Mona

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  4. I guess he’s never heard of mowing attachments like grass bags? Empty the bag in a mulch/compost pile…somewhere and, voila! Home grown mulch. No grass in flowers. Does he need drawings?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My husband had surgery 2 summers ago and I paid a lawn service to come mow. They had baggers. … which were quickly taken off after just a few swipes. But those 3 sections sure did look nice…

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