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Let’s play…. The Star Wars edition.


Grab your geek cap and meet me on Dagobah.



(Yes, I see the misspelling. It hurts my brain but I’m playing anyway. )



Well, if I only had one…. I could do worse.



Lying to Obi Wan would be fruitless. He’d know you were full of crap before you even opened your mouth.



That might be a bridge too far.

And now….

A little Star Wars humor, just because I can.



Star Wars and Game of Thrones?

Be still my heart.



Maybe getting old won’t be so bad after all…


Random nonsense.


Social media is full of “remember when” posts and I normally scroll right by without paying attention. But then I saw this… and thought, damn!



They’re right.

It is, and we did.


The next photo was taken at my local grocery store and should be titled You Know You’re In Maine When….



And last but certainly not least… Disney can bite me. To say I haven’t gotten over my anger at George Lucas for selling Star Wars to the Mouse is a gross understatement. I felt betrayed. Bewildered. And completely bereft. No more anxiously waiting the next movie to drop, no more costumed premieres. Now there’s series after series I won’t see because I don’t want to stream Disney Plus.

Baby Yoda? Never met him.

The Mandolorian? Have no idea how he even fits into the story.

But now? The final insult.



I will miss Vader’s backstory.

Screw you George Lucas!



A little of this.. and a whole lot of nothing.


This is an aerial shot of my little Maine town and I dare you to say it’s not a beautiful place to live.



This is Lord Dudley Mountcatten and he’s a bit of a goober.



He could tuck his tail beside him, or move farther down the window to accommodate its length…. but does he? No.

Because he’s a goober.



Our neighbor and his two teenage boys came over last weekend and ended up at the man cave pool table. Poor kids, my husband and their father were both telling them how to play and they couldn’t have been more confused.



Does Lord Dudley need a Princess Leia donut hairdo wig?



The answer is no.

But his mother is seriously considering the Storm Trooper catnip mice….



Because, come on… what’s not to love?



Something for everyone.


Can’t find a mask to suit your personality?

I think I can help with that.

For all my wonderful women friends?



For all my slightly wine addicted friends?



For Star Wars fans like  James.



Do you love horses… or just want to look like one?

I’ve got your back.



There are even masks for those who need to read lips.



And of course, there are masks made just for me..



And because I shamefully admit there are multiple tie dye items in my closet….


This one is calling my name.



I should probably wear one of those when assisting my husband with outdoor projects.

Dr. Seuss has a say…



And finally,  if you’re just sick and tired of everyone?


Products worth a second look.




Does anyone need a banana phone?


But buy one and save a gorilla just the same.




A must for Star Wars fanatics.

Yes James,  I’m talking to you.





On a stick.

Need I say more?



I’m not sure my bar game could possibly be more up, but bottles of gin are definitely my favorite DIY.



While I take umbrage at the horrible people designation (I’ve always thought of myself as just slightly awful) this is one seriously  bawdy, provocative, risqué  fun party game.

Does it surprise you to know I have all 6 expansion packs?



It shouldn’t.

So if you like  raunchy, crude, earthy  blue humor?

Give it a try.

Bird brains.


First let’s deal with the peckers.

Because we all know not paying attention to peckers makes them crazy.






This is a hairy woodpecker.




Why hairy?

Your guess is as good as mine.




He loves the peanut nugget feeder and is an expert at extracting them.





Now you can say you’ve had a hairy pecker wink at you.



This is a downy woodpecker.




Why downy?

Your guess is as good as mine.




To be honest, he looks more like a Storm Trooper from Star Wars to me.




Then we have a pair of Mallard ducks who visit daily.




The female strolls around under the bird feeder collecting scraps….




While the drake plops down and takes a load off.

That’s one chill duck.




Big Tom turkey?




Yes, we have one of those too.




And finally, a Baltimore Oriole getting his junk food Jones satisfied with some grape jelly.

It would be nice if he didn’t poo all over the feeder…. but hey.

Who am I to judge?


Pandemic humor… laugh while you can.


Because we all need a chuckle.




Well done kitty.

Now step up your game and fetch us some toilet paper.



Does anyone think about all the poor out of work hookers?


But I’m sure they’re feeling the pinch as well… although probably not in the places they’re used to.



Sad, but true.



Also sad, but true.

I read a cockroach can survive for 6 months without it’s brain. Hell, Keith’s got that record beat already.



Other places?

Ay caramba!



Even I’ll say amen to that.