Because I’m a very technical gardener.


My back is breaking, but the annual planting of annuals is done.

(See what I did there? Word play. I live for that shit.)




A nice combination of pink and white for the stone wall bed.




There’s this pretty daisy-ish one…




And the pink tinged green leafy thingies.




(See what I mean by technical?

Please try to keep up with the detailed scientific plant descriptions.

There may be a quiz.)




I liked this purple violet thingamabob…




So I planted 3 with a couple of petunias.




A few coleus for the only little plot of shade we have.





It will be a miracle if I can keep the slugs off them this year.

I plant, they eat. Slimy little bastards…

Note to self – buy more salt.





Orange lilies…




Spikey purple whatchamacallit, an impatient and two soft fuzzy green mounds.




I don’t think the fuzzies bloom…




But they’re silky, delicate and sweet, so I don’t care.




Every year the husband says he’s going to tear down our rotting shed, and every year he doesn’t, so I plant yellow and orange stuff in front of it.

Like this whozit which has both.




If you can recite all the Latin names for those plants?


I tend to read them on the tags at the nursery and then forget them as soon as I get home.




That won’t work.

I don’t know enough rappers.




That’s better.

I do love me some Cleese.






29 thoughts on “Because I’m a very technical gardener.”

  1. Your hard work looks beautiful, I mean I have to give credit to the plants to. And total yuck, nudist snails….thank god I don’t have those around my garden…oh yeah because I don’t have a garden, lol. I don’t want to invest in a making the back yard to the rental house I live in look gorgeous then move and leave everything behind. So I’m waiting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand that. Gardening is a lot of work, and maintenance… and money. When we rented I satisfied myself with lots of potted flowers and hanging baskets. No less expensive…but portable!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Gorgeous plantings you did! I’m dying over all your technical names, lol, the Ludacrises are my favorite I think… 😉

    For real, I’m in love with your stone wall bed. Did you build that? It’s such a cool accent to your yard! The pink white and green play of it perfectly. So pretty.

    I like your orange lillys and your fuzzy also. 🤩

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When we moved in most of the stones were buried, so yes…the husband built the wall. It’s starting to fall down now after 17 years, but I’m not sure his back is still up for a repair!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The annual frost heaves are taking their toll. We have 3 walls on the property and all of them have sections that are caving in… Nature of the beast I’m afraid.

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  3. Very nice gardens!! The purple spiky thing you mention is salvia. I have some, too. The soft whitish-green mound is Artemesia (I think). I LOVE that stuff. I’ve tried to grow it twice but it just won’t take, so I’ve had to let it go. Every spring I go out to see what’s coming up and say, “That’s, uhhhh…” “That one’s called… uhhh…” By mid-June I should have everything rememorized again.

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      1. When I had it in my garden, it was just like being around our pet bunny: I couldn’t walk past it without stooping down to pet it. If I remember correctly, it prefers it dry. I think that’s what kept happening to mine. It was in a garden full of plants that like a normal amount of water, so it effective drowned. 😦 Good luck!

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  4. Love the Coleus. I’ve been growing them for years. SO easy to propagate…

    Some Artemesia, some Arizona Sun…lovely. Whatchamacallits & thingamabobs are pretty. Ever seen a dootamagiggybopper?

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