Because I’m a very technical gardener.


My back is breaking, but the annual planting of annuals is done.

(See what I did there? Word play. I live for that shit.)




A nice combination of pink and white for the stone wall bed.




There’s this pretty daisy-ish one…




And the pink tinged green leafy thingies.




(See what I mean by technical?

Please try to keep up with the detailed scientific plant descriptions.

There may be a quiz.)




I liked this purple violet thingamabob…




So I planted 3 with a couple of petunias.




A few coleus for the only little plot of shade we have.





It will be a miracle if I can keep the slugs off them this year.

I plant, they eat. Slimy little bastards…

Note to self – buy more salt.





Orange lilies…




Spikey purple whatchamacallit, an impatient and two soft fuzzy green mounds.




I don’t think the fuzzies bloom…




But they’re silky, delicate and sweet, so I don’t care.




Every year the husband says he’s going to tear down our rotting shed, and every year he doesn’t, so I plant yellow and orange stuff in front of it.

Like this whozit which has both.




If you can recite all the Latin names for those plants?


I tend to read them on the tags at the nursery and then forget them as soon as I get home.




That won’t work.

I don’t know enough rappers.




That’s better.

I do love me some Cleese.






29 thoughts on “Because I’m a very technical gardener.”

  1. Your hard work looks beautiful, I mean I have to give credit to the plants to. And total yuck, nudist snails….thank god I don’t have those around my garden…oh yeah because I don’t have a garden, lol. I don’t want to invest in a making the back yard to the rental house I live in look gorgeous then move and leave everything behind. So I’m waiting.

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    1. I understand that. Gardening is a lot of work, and maintenance… and money. When we rented I satisfied myself with lots of potted flowers and hanging baskets. No less expensive…but portable!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Gorgeous plantings you did! I’m dying over all your technical names, lol, the Ludacrises are my favorite I think… 😉

    For real, I’m in love with your stone wall bed. Did you build that? It’s such a cool accent to your yard! The pink white and green play of it perfectly. So pretty.

    I like your orange lillys and your fuzzy also. 🤩

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  3. Very nice gardens!! The purple spiky thing you mention is salvia. I have some, too. The soft whitish-green mound is Artemesia (I think). I LOVE that stuff. I’ve tried to grow it twice but it just won’t take, so I’ve had to let it go. Every spring I go out to see what’s coming up and say, “That’s, uhhhh…” “That one’s called… uhhh…” By mid-June I should have everything rememorized again.

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      1. When I had it in my garden, it was just like being around our pet bunny: I couldn’t walk past it without stooping down to pet it. If I remember correctly, it prefers it dry. I think that’s what kept happening to mine. It was in a garden full of plants that like a normal amount of water, so it effective drowned. 😦 Good luck!

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