So I got excited.



No, not that kind of excited.

Although now that I think about Chris… well, never mind.

I got excited because at 11:00am last Saturday the husband told me he was going to clean out the barn and set up a small yard sale.

My husband was going to get rid of his crap?



I was happy!



I was thrilled!



Hell, I admit it.

I was positively orgasmic.



I looked out the window and saw him sell something to a biker.





All the useless Harley knick knacks and paraphernalia…. gone!

All those extra Kawasaki parts and accessories…. gone!

And then I looked out the window again.




And saw my late mother’s plant stand that I use on the porch…. gone.

My glass hummingbird feeders…. gone.

I was no longer excited.



And when I went outside to check exactly what it was he was selling?





It was 100% mine.

Bags of clothes slated for Salvation Army donation, kitchen ware I was going to give his niece who’s moving into her first apartment, books that I trade with a friend.

He even had my hydrangea fertilizer on the table.




But the worst part? The part that really had my jaw clenched….

He set this all up, and left.

Went to visit his brother and expected me to sit there and sell all the items I had no intention of selling in the first place.



The man has a death wish.

There’s really no other explanation that makes sense.




31 thoughts on “So I got excited.”

  1. Oh my gosh! My blood pressure just went up reading this. Here’s to hoping he at least got a few bucks to soften the blow. My husband once had a garage sale while I was at work. Kids wagon, Barbie dolls, American girl style horses, about $200 worth of Star Wars toys–gone. And he practically gave them away. One of the dolls he gave away is worth over a hundred dollars now. Breathe.

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  2. Why oh why didn’t you put out the new grass cutting machine!?! I mean not to sell but for him so see it so he’d question why it was out there? Oh that would have burned my biscuits for sure!!!! Like Heather said….balls, big giant balls!!! And I do believe he has a death wish……grass cutting machine here I come!

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  3. Ah yes, the old two sides to every story thing. We know you think your hubby has too much junk. Now we know that the sentiment is actually mutual! Another thing you both have in common!

    Please don’t fling woodchuck poop at me….

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