12 thoughts on “There IS such a thing as too happy.”

  1. So how does that happen? It’s like a mini stalagmite. In your freezer. In the ice cube tray; which means liquid water had to freeze in that position. Was it an instantaneous freeze? Do you have a drip from up above? What the what???? I’m impressed. I think we should all drink and discuss. ~ Mona

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  2. HAHAHAHA! Love it! Now I’m not the only one to feature an ice phallus on my blog 😀
    Our fridge came with our house and the ice maker has never worked. We mostly BUY ice, but we do the trays, too. Some visiting child at our house had never seen ice trays before, and she MARVELED at them.

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    1. Ice cube trays, plastic relics from the distant past. My husbands old truck has a dimmer switch on the floor. That really blows the young ones minds…


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