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If only I could talk the husband into this….


As previously mentioned, my husband has stuff.

A lot of stuff.

So much *ucking stuff.

It’s stuff he refuses to donate or throw out, and we know he’ll never get around to selling it…. no matter how hard it is to maneuver around the piles.



But he does like to give things away now and then…. so when I saw this on Facebook? An evil chuckle escaped my lips.



I love this idea!

Please include your physical address with your comment. Something old and utterly useless could be coming your way.


Random stuff cluttering up my phone.


Am I the only one who does this? You see something and think to yourself… I need to blog that. Then you save it on your camera roll only to have it languish there for weeks because it doesn’t deserve its own post?



Yeah, like that. Weird, probably worthy of a joke, but not enough to build a blog around.



And I’m sure that’s perfectly delightful, for everyone but the chicken who’s suffocating in a plastic bubble and probably terrified at the cornucopia of sweaty flesh on display at the shore… but an entire post? No.



Maine real estate has always been high, but right now it’s absolutely insane. When the average median price for a house is 3/4’s of a million? You know people have lost their minds. And in case you’re wondering, the cheapest price shown is in a town that was nothing but redneck trailers and two bedroom ranches a decade or so ago.



Yes, I could blog about how no one but the wealthy can afford a home up here anymore… but that’s too depressing.



So I’ll end with Lord Dudley Mountcatten helping me make the bed.



Needless to say, the bed did not get made that morning.


I knew it was going to be a banner day.


When I woke up to this…




A big old rainbow in our backyard.. almost a double.




And if that wasn’t beautiful enough?

Later in the day, this happened….




My husband…. who never throws anything out?

Loaded up his truck and went to the dump!



He cleaned out the giant stack of empty boxes and some of the crap that’s been clogging our garage for years.

We went from this…




To this…





I can see the walls!

And he even got rid of that old sink he brought home from God knows where.




Of course now I can see the vintage cash register and faded bed frame that I had no idea he’d snuck in as well.

But hey…

Even miracles only go so far.


So I got excited.



No, not that kind of excited.

Although now that I think about Chris… well, never mind.

I got excited because at 11:00am last Saturday the husband told me he was going to clean out the barn and set up a small yard sale.

My husband was going to get rid of his crap?



I was happy!



I was thrilled!



Hell, I admit it.

I was positively orgasmic.



I looked out the window and saw him sell something to a biker.





All the useless Harley knick knacks and paraphernalia…. gone!

All those extra Kawasaki parts and accessories…. gone!

And then I looked out the window again.




And saw my late mother’s plant stand that I use on the porch…. gone.

My glass hummingbird feeders…. gone.

I was no longer excited.



And when I went outside to check exactly what it was he was selling?





It was 100% mine.

Bags of clothes slated for Salvation Army donation, kitchen ware I was going to give his niece who’s moving into her first apartment, books that I trade with a friend.

He even had my hydrangea fertilizer on the table.




But the worst part? The part that really had my jaw clenched….

He set this all up, and left.

Went to visit his brother and expected me to sit there and sell all the items I had no intention of selling in the first place.



The man has a death wish.

There’s really no other explanation that makes sense.