A lazy, hazy 4th.


It’s hot in Maine. Really hot. Surface of the sun hot.

Too hot to drink hot.

Okay… I got carried away there, it’s never too hot to drink. But we’ve been in the low 90’s with high humidity for days and that’s simply too hot for me. I don’t like hot and come from a long line of women who detest sweating.




(Actual portrait of my ancestress)

So on the 4th? We headed to our friend’s camp at the lake for the day.

There were cute young people in hats…




And boating…




And swimming…




And frozen raspberry margarita consumption for those who were doing neither.




There was food, fun and friends.

There was some of this…




And a lot of this…




And even a few fireworks on the opposite shore.




Not a bad way to spend the day.

Or night.

Hope your holiday was equally satisfying.

22 thoughts on “A lazy, hazy 4th.”

  1. River, the pictures were gorgeous. What a fun day! I’m not a fan of high humidity, but the low 90’s is no big deal–that’s spring time around here. This week we’re supposed to be in the Upper 90’s with heat indices between 100 – 110 degrees. Humidity, not so good! But it’s summer and the heat is late getting here, so I’m not complaining much! Mona

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      1. Run from the air conditioned house to the air conditioned car to the air conditioned store…. mow the lawn at 6:00am and still be dripping sweat. Did that for 17 years down south… No Thank You!


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