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Sebasco Resort, Phippsburg, Maine


Consisting of 450 oceanfront acres , there are ample opportunities for strolling.



The resort itself spreads out in various areas with various types of buildings… and gives you a feeling of stepping back in time.



Individual cottages straight out the 1950’s are across the road from modern condos.



And everywhere you look there’s something photo worthy.



The rugged Maine coast is on full display. No wide sandy beaches in this neck of the woods.



The resort has their own cruise boat and offers scenic tours of the area.



And naturally my husband had to strike up an hour long conversation with the boat’s captain.



Ever spent the night in a lighthouse inspired suite? You can here.



And it’s right across from a moonlit dancing lobster. What more could you want?



Low tide.



Another cottage.



The cove.



Ahhh…. Maine.

It never fails to lower my blood pressure.


What do you think of when I say…


Luxury item?

A yacht to sail the 7 seas…



That works… as long as you don’t forget your Brie En Croute is in the oven while you’re sipping champagne on the port side.

A fancy sports car?



Sure…. I can see you cruising into Goodwill in that.

How about a tropical beach house?



With hot and cold running cabana boys?

I’m in!

What you probably don’t think of when I say luxury item?





Although in many states, including my own….




That’s exactly how they’re viewed and taxed.

As luxury items.




Is your jaw hanging open?

Because mine was.



Take my word for it gentlemen…

Luxurious is not the word women use to describe that time of the month.

It’s not even close.


A lazy, hazy 4th.


It’s hot in Maine. Really hot. Surface of the sun hot.

Too hot to drink hot.

Okay… I got carried away there, it’s never too hot to drink. But we’ve been in the low 90’s with high humidity for days and that’s simply too hot for me. I don’t like hot and come from a long line of women who detest sweating.




(Actual portrait of my ancestress)

So on the 4th? We headed to our friend’s camp at the lake for the day.

There were cute young people in hats…




And boating…




And swimming…




And frozen raspberry margarita consumption for those who were doing neither.




There was food, fun and friends.

There was some of this…




And a lot of this…




And even a few fireworks on the opposite shore.




Not a bad way to spend the day.

Or night.

Hope your holiday was equally satisfying.