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And on the 3,037th day….


There was heat.

Yes, that’s really how long we’ve been working on the big barn. Saying we don’t like to rush things is a bit of an understatement.

But last week, this happened:



The son of our soon to be ex friends came over to install a heat pump. It’s his business, and while I’m still cursing our rat bastard friends for giving us the free pool table that’s cost us thousands… their son is a great guy.



Of course he might have been cursing them as well because drilling a hole through a building my husband built isn’t as easy as it should be.



What should have taken mere minutes turned into a bit of an ordeal. And when that happens…



You grab a hammer.



After the hole was finally cut, it was just a matter of mounting the unit.



With my husband… the man who has never lined up anything perfectly straight in his life…. standing back and saying, nope. It needs to go up a little on the left.

I believe my jaw dropped open at that point.



Outside, the electrician connected power to the box… next to all the scrap wood that had to be hauled from under the barn to run the cable.



And the rest of the crew installed the compressor thingamagig.



Which is ugly as all get out but thankfully is on the one barn wall we can’t see from our house.



I was glad to see they used great stuff. Because I’m sure awful stuff is more readily available, not to mention cheaper.




The big barn now has a heat pump. And future bar patrons can be assured of proper ambient drinking temperature.



Cost of that free pool table so far?

$7,764. And no, he’s not done yet. The open stairwell still needs to be sealed off to prevent heat loss.


It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


It’s not just for furniture anymore.


My girlfriend was in the market for furniture and asked me to go with her to the new Jordan’s that opened at the Maine Mall.



Holy mackerel Batman!

Clearly it’s been a long time since I shopped for a sofa, because this was a totally immersive experience.

Yes, that picture is of the one store… not the mall itself. Huge doesn’t begin to describe it. We walked and walked and walked and thought we’d never find the end.

Some of the furniture was…




Let’s go with that.







Is this the hamster night light option?

Or disco lighting for when your urge to do the Hustle is too strong to ignore?

Either way, I’ll pass.



The home office section had a few quirky pieces as well.



They were actually selling these vintage typewriters.

Price? $450.

And yes, I’ll be checking the husband’s barn for one as soon as I’m done posting.

So it was an interesting place. But the weirdest thing of all?






It’s been long time since I went furniture shopping.


Random photos you don’t need to see, but will just to humor me.


Our resident skunk who visits nightly.

Like everything else around here, he’s ass backwards with a black striped tail and white tip.

Regardless, he’s still a little stinker… and if the tip goes up?




Two CH-53E Marine Corps choppers flying over our backyard during some rare state of Maine training.

We lived in the flight pattern of these babies down south when my husband was active duty, and trust me, when they go by? You feel it.

As does your house.. because everything that isn’t nailed down rattles.



The sunset up the road from our house the other night.

You may ooh and ah at will.



A sign I bought for the husband’s future barn bar.


Making friends more interesting for centuries.

Reason #612 why I hate this new editor.


Bear with me while I bitch.

(I have two weeks worth of scheduled posts in the queue so the bitching will be limited at this time.)

Ever since the husband started teleworking in March, I’ve been doing a lot of blogging on my phone. Which, until the new roll out of the editor from Hell, was fine.

But now that people are being forced to use it, things have changed… at least for me.

My friend from  No Facilities, Dan Antion, is always nice enough to include photos of the rabbits he sees on his walks for me. With a backyard family of foxes, bunnies are the one critter we never see at Casa River.

But when I look at his posts now…

This is what I see –



Text over photos.



Photos over photos.



Text over text.



And photos over text.

Anyway you look at it, it’s a mess.

So if any of WordPress’s inappropriately named ‘Happiness Engineers’ drop by to say hello?

Be sure and tell them I ain’t happy.

Because everyone wants pizza.


The husband stopped for gas the other day in his truck. Since I wasn’t with him, he opted for a little haute cuisine a la convenience store.

Pizza slices in hand…. he settled into the truck cab to munch.

And then?





A seagull spotted him. ( Or more likely his pizza )




Husband said the silly thing squawked up a storm, pacing back and forth on the hood.




When that didn’t earn him any pizza, he attacked the windshield wipers.

Husband said it was such a spectacle, people were taking pictures and one woman asked if she could put it on Facebook.

So if you see a retired Marine in a black Ford truck looking  like Tippi Hendren on your news feed?

That’s my man.




And his new seagull friend.

Just what we needed.


Into an already packed to capacity barn….



Came this:



A pool table that our  soon to be ex  friends couldn’t wait to get rid of.



Have you ever tried to lift a pool table?



If not, I don’t recommend it.

F*cker be heavy.



Our friends were so eager to see the back side of this thing they also gave us 2 little wheeled platforms to assist in it’s departure.



Which were great, until the table had to be picked up off of them.



So there it sits.

Now….and for the foreseeable future. ( Which should be read as forever, or until I can find some other unsuspecting friend to pass it off on )

It will sit there, a constant reminder of the fact that my husband can not pass up anything that is free.


No matter how big and how useless.

But look….



It also came with a free stand, free cue sticks, ( Miller Lite? That abomination has got to go! ) free bags of balls and numerous free tacky game room signs.



What’s not love?




We’ve been busy with other things outside, but I’m still managing to keep Amazon afloat during the pandemic.




And if you’re dying to read the new Hunger Games book? Don’t bother, it was rather disappointing. And while I’d given up on Stephen King… this new collection of short stories has my late BIL in it again, thinly disguised but still recognizable to those who knew him. He and Stephen went to school together.

And no, I won’t tell you which character. I’m evil that way.




The fabulous rose I planted last year has finally decided to bloom.




And it was worth waiting for.

On another note, isn’t it great when your friends get you?




My girlfriend gave me this the other day and damn, it’s perfect!




As is this beauty.




Have you ever tried to photograph butterflies?

It’s not easy. This was the one lucky shot out of 20.




Our raccoon decided to take a bath, dig through my garden bed and then attempted to climb up the garage the other night.

Why? I have no idea.




But even I can’t argue with that.



Making friends.


Have I mentioned how much I love the baby woodchucks?

If not, get used to it… because I’ve been spending a lot of time making friends with them.




I’ve found sliced apples are a great ice breaker.




And if I’m enjoying a little Crown Royal apple while making woodchuck friends… all the better.




It took a while for them to get used to me and they were pretty hesitant to come out with me so close.



But the lure of apples proved too much.




Admit it.

That’s pretty damned cute.

Nominations snominations.


My slightly twisted, but delightfully so, friend  Masercot  has just nominated me for this:




For which I will be  sticking pins in a doll of his likeness and waiting for parts of him to drop off  eternally grateful.

You know the drill, I have to answer questions.

Thankfully… because he’s twisted, this won’t be the hardship it normally is.

Let’s begin.

If you could choose any historical figure to hold your hair out of the toilet while you drunkenly vomit at a party, who would it be and why?

I’m going to have to go with Lord Byron. The man drank his liquor out of a cup made from a human skull. You have to admire that kind of commitment.

If you HAD to own a pet and it couldn’t be a dog or a cat, to what country would you flee  to escape such a fascist regime. Remember that “Canada” is not an acceptable answer.

Australia…. where my dream pet wombats roam free.

What is your favorite, currently active, credit card number?

Nice try. But you know my only form of currency is tequila. If I can’t buy it with a perfectly mixed margarita? I don’t need it.

You’ve been told you will be allowed to join Trump’s Space Force if you sleep with a Marx Brother and Zeppo is not available. Which do you sleep with and why?

Can’t we just jettison Trump into space and call it good?

If you had to recommend an illegal drug to the youth of America, which drug would it be and how?

Blogging. It’s horribly addicting…. but so satisfying.

Do you think pound cake is overrated?

Only if it weighs 14 ounces.

Do you like Aquaman’s new look or do you prefer the blonde hair and tights?

I actually sat through the entire new Aquaman movie. Sober. Need I say more?


In keeping with tradition (and not because I want to force my friends to share the misery that are these never ending awards)  I shall post the rules.

Display the award logo
Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
Nominate some bloggers
Ask them seven questions


I will now gleefully nominate:

James  because I had to sit through an entire months worth of Star Wars posts and he owes me.

liveandletthai  since he’s always whining not enough people read his blog and just discovered he can make alcohol from dried hibiscus blossoms. You never know when that will come in handy.

clevergirlwrites  she’s clever, and a girl. We need to stick together.

Boo  because we’ve been blog friends a long time and I like to harass her long distance.

swingedcat  he makes me laugh and posts bison photos. Friends like that are harder to find than you think.


My questions:

Would any of you be willing to let a slightly pissed off red squirrel and her children rent a room? The sooner the better, I’m getting hateful looks.

If you could change one thing about your spouse/partner/significant other/blow up girlfriend what would it be, and why?

Can you talk me into eating kale in 50 words or less? I know you can’t, but it will be fun to see you try.

You win an all expense paid trip for two to Antarctica, do you bring a Kardashian or Caitlyn Jenner?

By some strange twist of fate, you’re elected President of the United States in 2020. What’s your first executive order?

And finally, if you’ve made it this far…. why do bloggers feel compelled to keep this award thing going when none of us really like them?

Wait…. what!

You mean I didn’t have to?

Sure, now you tell me.











Just…. no.


Have you noticed how everyone is posting their favorite recipes online lately?

Quarantine fever is driving everyone into the kitchen and they just can’t wait to share.

Every time I look I’m inundated with pleas of,  “Try this, you’ll love it!” or  “Our family’s favorite. You won’t be disappointed!”

In truth, I rarely love it…. and am more often than not disappointed.


Friends are always extolling the virtues of kale, tumeric, tofu and other completely unappealing things…




And after the recipe I saw yesterday?

I realize I simply need new friends.





I’m pretty sure parsnip spice cake won’t be happening in our kitchen any time soon.