Wild Kingdom… the River edition.


It’s not just the woodchucks who show up for a nosh at Casa River.




We have a beautiful pair of foxes who are denning down in our woods.




Hey now… I’m sharing the sights and sounds of my backyard.

Please be respectful.




Early morning shots through a wet window are a little blurred.




This is sharper.




Then there are the daily seed raiders…




This not pregnant anymore doe just dropped her fawn in the woods 2 houses down and is late in blowing her winter coat.

Of course if we had this type of deer, our seeds would be safe.




But if we had these?

We might not be.








And do you remember the Catbird nest with it’s bright blue eggs?








New life is popping there too.




Although momma Catbird doesn’t like it when I photograph her babies. Turn up your volume to hear her cry.




And then there’s this fellow…. who I stumbled on by accident and took one quick out of focus shot of before I hightailed it inside.




At least I wasn’t looking at the business end.





22 thoughts on “Wild Kingdom… the River edition.”

  1. Foxes, deer and skunks, oh my! Oh and catbirds too, which look creepy, baby birds always look like they belong in a horror movie. But your so lucky to have all that going on at Casa River, and to be able to catch them on camera too. But to be fair, your wildlife seems to strike a pose every time they sense your ready capture them on film, lol. 🤔😁😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maine outlawed it years ago. You used to be able to have them and de-scent them….but no more. Shame because they’re supposed to be very affectionate and litter box trainable!

      Liked by 1 person

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