Because when Rustoleum says red? They mean red.


Every few years it’s time to repaint the bulkhead doors.




They’re metal and tend to see a lot of abuse.

Rain, snow, and baking sun all take their toll… and since the husband disappears every time the paint brushes come out?



The job falls to me.

I usually go out with some sandpaper to smooth and remove the flakes… but this spring the husband bought an old sander at a yard sale. Old.. with a capital O.

So he tossed it at me and said it would be much easier than my sandpaper.



From the look of the cord it was from the 1950’s…. and I think that was the poundage as well because just lifting it hurt my wrist. So when he came back to check my progress? I was using the sandpaper again.

Which… because he’s a man and can never be wrong… made him determined to prove his $5 purchase was worth while.




He got no argument from me.

I stood back, nodded sagely and mumbled yes dear, that’s so much easier dear, at appropriate intervals.

Momma didn’t raise no fool.




He sanded that baby from top to bottom.




Inside and out… even though I rarely paint the interior.

BTW, if you search Google images for power sander memes?




Anyway… when we moved into this house, the doors were painted a barn red so that’s what I’ve always repainted them.

Until this year, when I couldn’t find my usual brand of metal paint in barn red and went with Rustoleum’s Regal Red.



It was a bad idea.

Very bad.

Really, really bad.

Because when Rustoleum says red?




They mean red!

Fire engine red.

Candy apple red.

Holy Crap that’s redRED!

It’s positively blinding.




On the bright side, the doors do now match my hanging geranium.



46 thoughts on “Because when Rustoleum says red? They mean red.”

  1. I assume there’s no law against a second coat of red paint that’s more to your licking….I mean liking. Maybe you can even get hubby to do the painting (if he hates the Rustoleum red as much as you do). Or you can try hypnosis. It works for my wife on me (she calls her handy rolling pin “Hypnosis”).

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    1. If I could find the original paint, I would. But not finding it is why I ended up with candy apple doors in the first place.
      And for future reference? The husband does not paint.

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  2. Girl, you’ve been married enough years to be able to do that mental voodoo on your hubs when you need something done! Much respect to you River, but just so you know, I’m not married but it works well on sons too, lol. As for that red, I happen to like it, because it will fade (eventually) into a duller red…….someday? 😎😝

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  3. I love that color red–it is the color I want my next red convertible car to be!!!
    See–you pick on your poor husband for buying all the ‘junk’ and here you got out of sanding the doors yourself!!!

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  4. Do you get tornadoes in Maine? Because if so, you won’t now have to rely on your panicked thinking to get you to safety. Just run toward the RED!!!
    P.S. From one gardener to another, plant a few more red geraniums (gerania?) around it and those doors will look like part of your greater garden design.

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      1. I have a small garden bed to the right, but I can’t really. The doors have to open and my oil tank fill tubes are to the left. Don’t need fuel delivery guys tromping through the gardens.

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  5. LOL OMG SO RED! Lawd that was a right good laugh. The geraniums probably feel inferior! LOL
    I have a belt sander, which I rather like (cause osteo in my hands) but of course, mine is circa 2015 🙂

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