A Blogiversary.


Happy 1rst blogiversary to me!



A little more enthusiasm would be nice but yes, it’s been one year to the day since I joined WordPress.

And while I certainly wasn’t a blog virgin….



It did take a little time for me to adjust to my new home.

WordPress is a larger and more diverse platform than my previous sites, and though it’s also filled with more businesses and spam than I was used to…. I admit I’m enjoying it more as well.




Blogging means different things to different people and my posts have certainly changed over the years. They used to be filled with personal details, family strife, and raw emotion …. but I was burned by that.



And switched to a light hearted, irreverent look at the world instead.





That book really exists…

“Go behind the exam room door to experience the secret lives of doctors and patients. Enjoy Pap parties. Meet the Chlamydia Clown. Win a free kitten with your physical! In this laugh-till-you-cry health care handbook, you’ll learn how fun it is to be a doctor–and a patient.”
I haven’t read it…
But feel I should, and report back.


Finding a tribe of like minded odd balls has helped me settle in here.



So to all of you slightly disturbed souls I call friends…

The loons who regularly tune in for my mindless drivel?




I shall endeavor to provide more of the same high quality nonsense…

And continue to answer some of life’s most difficult questions.




51 thoughts on “A Blogiversary.”

  1. Happy Blogoversary!

    I too had a previous web-site provider before I came here and there is a LOT of people selling stuff… or, more unsettling, sites that have literally nothing on them… ghost sites… where the javascript code of the damned walks the internet in constant need of “likes”…

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    1. Thank you. I’ve been blogging for about 12 years and this is by far the most ghost inhabited site. I zap them from my follower list as soon as they manifest. Be gone spirit! Corporeal form is necessary to be liked here..


  2. Happy Blogoversary! It’s good to have you here. I came here from another platform, and despite all the WP problems, I’m glad I’m here – mostly because of the community full of folks like you.

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  3. Can’t say I know much about pap smears, other than they require a bare bottom and the use of a very sharp device around the genitalia. I finally ghosted the asylum so I am down to two blog pages now, though the porn site is so neglected that even weeds won’t thrive in it.

    And we do change … Congratulations!!

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    1. If you need to research the topic, that book seems like an excellent choice. 😈
      Multiply is the site I miss the most. I had a nice family of friends over there… shame the owners didn’t give a crap and let it die. Blogster was fun at first but the feuds, drama and hatred became overwhelming.
      I’m settled here and here I will stay.
      Porn site?
      Do tell…


      1. Well, porn site is a bit overstated … I have a password protected site that I put stuff that is a bit over the top. But since I lost my Muse, it just gathers dust …

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  4. Coincidentally, this is my first GLOBVERSARY. One year ago today I was just finishing writing a post for my blog when I hit a wrong key and all my work turned into a big glob. Amazingly, it made more sense than it did before I screwed up, so I deleted it before it ruined my rep, and no one was the wiser (including me).

    Anyway, happy ‘versary to us, and may all our posts make as much sense as this one (or as yours, if it has nothing better to make).

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  5. Wow!!!! Seemed like most of my crew joined at the same time. I had another friend, Beauty Blogger, Hopelessly Heather, just celebrate her Blogiversary and now you. I know mine is coming up because I, too, started in July. I just can’t remember the exact date.

    Happy Blogiversary, my chicken loving, holder of the weirdiest information, crazy gift giver, fellow GOT lover, fantastic, disturbing MEME finder friend. I am glad you’re here!!!💕

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  6. River,
    Happy anniversary on your blog! Cheers to more sublime irreverence! You are Totes Ma Goats! Speaking of which, what you do with goats — you might want to keep that private…just saying. Here’s to another fun year full of drinking, traveling, eating and gardening! Mona

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