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And to think it only took 9 years.



Today we can finally say the barn construction is complete. After breaking ground (not to mention our backs) in April 2012, the last pieces were just put into place.



Said pieces being soffit under the eaves. For years they had been open…



But now they’re boxed in, vented and painted.



And also impossible to photograph without massive sun reflections.

If I had my druthers, I’d finish off the porch ceiling as well….



But for some reason the husband draws the line there.



I think it’s because people compliment us on the new paint job… the one I wanted and he didn’t. It ticks him off everyone loves it and he has to take his revenge where he can.


And so it begins.


We chose a local company and our big barn will finally get some color in his cheeks.

An oil based stain was matched to baby barn’s red paint… and white trim will finish him off.

I’ve been waiting 8 years for this…  so, yay.

The painters showed up the other day to pressure wash off the black mold. They thought this would be a quick prep, saying it would only take a few hours.



10 gallons of bleach, one broken pressure washer, an auxiliary pump and 8 hours later…



They recalculated and said they wouldn’t be able to get it all off as promised.

Which we told them would be the case, as we’d tried ourselves and failed.

But they got a lot more than we managed, and it looks better.

Before :


















Of course they had to move all the trim wood we’d bought to do the porch, so this is now my afternoon cocktail view.



Not ideal.



But hopefully it’s more temporary than my husband’s so called temporary doors.

It’s a miracle.


We started building our big barn in 2012.

It was a daunting task made all the more so by the fact we only worked on it nights and weekends.



It was a lot of work…. and though the husband is still actively working on the inside, he’s pretty much had it with the outside.

But the windows, porch door and corners were never trimmed out, and no soffit was put under the eaves.

So…. miracle of all miracles?

I finally talked him into letting me hire the job out.



Yes. It’s true.

Maybe he was feeling guilty. Maybe he had a stroke.

Either way,  when miracles happen you have to jump on board… so I’m getting estimates for it to be stained barn red with white trim as well. I’ve wanted it painted since day 1, but it’s been an ongoing battle.  Now…. because it’s weathering unevenly and is turning black in spots, I think I won.



Why don’t I paint it myself you ask?

Because big barn is too frickin’ big.



This was the apparatus needed to put the siding on years ago.



Ladder to staging to another ladder?

Oh hells no. Not this chick.

I know all this work is going to cost a fortune, but I’m past the point of caring and just want it done.



I’m going to keep the porch natural though, and put a lightly tinted sheer stain on that myself.


And to think it only took 8 years to talk him into it.

I needed a holiday from the holiday.


Our last day of the long Memorial Day weekend meant a morning of yard work.



Tag team mowing with the husband on his new toy and me slogging along with the old push mower.

It was a gorgeous day.



The pear tree was blooming.



The mallows I’d planted were thriving.



And everything had finally turned green.



Except the baby barn which I decided to start painting that afternoon.

Let me preface this by saying I used to love to paint.

I used to.

Until I had to use an artist’s tiny brush around all the nooks, corners, flashing and crooked angles on that beast.




Did I wear some paint, get covered in dirt, rip my pants, tumble off a ladder and work until almost 8:00 at night?

Yes I did.



But paint was applied.



And covered a multitude of sins.



Three sides done, one to go!

Because when Rustoleum says red? They mean red.


Every few years it’s time to repaint the bulkhead doors.




They’re metal and tend to see a lot of abuse.

Rain, snow, and baking sun all take their toll… and since the husband disappears every time the paint brushes come out?



The job falls to me.

I usually go out with some sandpaper to smooth and remove the flakes… but this spring the husband bought an old sander at a yard sale. Old.. with a capital O.

So he tossed it at me and said it would be much easier than my sandpaper.



From the look of the cord it was from the 1950’s…. and I think that was the poundage as well because just lifting it hurt my wrist. So when he came back to check my progress? I was using the sandpaper again.

Which… because he’s a man and can never be wrong… made him determined to prove his $5 purchase was worth while.




He got no argument from me.

I stood back, nodded sagely and mumbled yes dear, that’s so much easier dear, at appropriate intervals.

Momma didn’t raise no fool.




He sanded that baby from top to bottom.




Inside and out… even though I rarely paint the interior.

BTW, if you search Google images for power sander memes?




Anyway… when we moved into this house, the doors were painted a barn red so that’s what I’ve always repainted them.

Until this year, when I couldn’t find my usual brand of metal paint in barn red and went with Rustoleum’s Regal Red.



It was a bad idea.

Very bad.

Really, really bad.

Because when Rustoleum says red?




They mean red!

Fire engine red.

Candy apple red.

Holy Crap that’s redRED!

It’s positively blinding.




On the bright side, the doors do now match my hanging geranium.