A little garden fluff…


(Not to be confused with actually fluffing… because, damn. That’s another blog entirely. )




The silver mounds are mounding nicely….




And the red geraniums you all told me to plant? Made the bulkhead doors look even more red…. so, yeah.






Day lilies are popping up among the peonies.




As well as in the shadow of the giant quince bush.




Not sure how that red fellow got in there.

Are there daylily postmen?




Begonias are begonia-ing.




And the lawn that never stops growing affords ample opportunity for the neighbors to test drive the husband’s new toy.




If only they wanted to take more than a few swipes, we could sit on the porch with an adult beverage and enjoy the summer….




28 thoughts on “A little garden fluff…”

      1. Our house is a creamy beige color with barn red doors and shutters. When we moved in the bulkhead doors were painted barn red as well which I’ve continued. Until now, when the red got out of hand.

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  1. The 2 “Yankee” blooms I miss the most in South Florida are peonies and lilacs–many years ago in both our Bronx and Lake Hiawatha homes our gardens flourished with them!! For some reason—could it be the heat?–they don’t grow down here!!

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