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Because one day I might be under it.


As previously reported, the barn bar construction is finished and now it’s just a matter of waiting for chairs.



But on further inspection, I noticed this.



Not visible until you’re slightly under it (which I may be some day in the near future, don’t judge) was an exposed lip of pressboard used to support the top.



I wasn’t loving it and decided to turn it into a nice little black strip.



What a royal pain in the ass that was.



I didn’t paint the whole thing, just the trim edge. But it looks better.



More finished.



And it picks up all the other black accents in the room quite nicely.



It took me forever, but there. Mission accomplished.


When in doubt, wear red.


I just realized I haven’t posted a photo of the big barn since the staining and painting were completed.



Needless to say I’m very pleased.



The nice thing is, the husband was pleased as well.



I know this because I overheard him talking to the painter saying he wasn’t sure he would like a red barn and that he’d fought his wife over it… boy did he!… but in the end, even he had to admit it looked great.



Technically it’s not totally done, as the crew is going to box in the eaves on the overhang. But in Maine, you have to paint until the weather turns, so they’ll be back another day to finish that.



My porch furniture cushions also need to be recovered in a fabric that doesn’t clash.



But baby barn approves.

And we have a red and white barn!



I’m seeing red.


No, the husband hasn’t bought the contents of that abandoned Victorian up the road….

I mean this kind of red.




Our first glimpse of what poppa barn will look like when finished.



The trim will be added after.



And there’s a lot of it to add.



But I’m excited to see him finally sporting some color.



I think baby barn agrees.

When you have way too much time on your hands…


I saw an article the other day about all the amazing things people are doing with the spare time the pandemic shutdowns are providing them.

Some were worth while.


You decide.



Did Rufus McToofus need his very own adirondack chair to celebrate accordingly?

Probably not.





That’s so special it hurts.



Just…. wow.

What do you suppose those ducks are posting on social media? Can someone please investigate and report back. I’d hate for those ducks to have a more interesting blog than mine.




A worthy use of time.

Sunrise, pandemic rocks, great ideas and dirty birds.


A post of random trivial things that aren’t worthy of their own blog.

First, a sunrise photo a friend of mine took the other day.




She lives on a lake…. and I have to say that looks like a pretty sweet way to wake up.


Don’t mind if I do.

The Covid 19 versions someone cleverly painted.




Brilliant ideas?

Yes, they’re still out there.





I found one.

These days social distancing is more important then ever….. so let’s commend those who go the extra mile.


IMG_3472 (2)



She doesn’t know where that bird has been.





As long as they keep making them…..


Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring seems to be a favorite in the re-created art catalog.

For which I’m glad.




Though this next one does differ quite substantially from the original….




You have to applaud the commitment.





Proof positive your mother was wrong when she said you’d never find a place to wear head to toe green.




Man with vacuum cleaner.

You know women will swoon over this.




Oh. My….

The less said about this the better!

A study in portraiture, some funky hairdos and a watermelon on wheels.


The portrait gallery was large…. and filled with strange and marvelous things.




Can’t say I’d enjoy having her as a Mother in Law.




They are smiling?




Perhaps the weight of that elaborate hair is pulling their lips down.




Oh my.

They say all babies are cute, but I beg to differ.




This is a girl.




And this is a boy.

No, I haven’t had too many margaritas.

It was explained to me that folk art paintings of little girls have cats… and folk art paintings of little boys have dogs. The hoop is also a boy’s toy, never played with by girls.




Yes, another boy.

Could have fooled me.

There were a few sad paintings, like this one….




Since all the family members in black are dead.

But there’s a chicken, so it’s not all bad.




And while these two portraits aren’t the most skillful, they had the saddest story of all.




Jonathan Bartlett was a black man who chose to portray himself as white…. in a heartbreaking statement of life in his time.




Lightening the mood, there was George again….




And whatever this was –




I can’t even do a Name That Crap because I have no idea…






Cape Cod Day 4 … a special moment in Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard


When we left Edgartown I saw a sign saying Menemsha, and something in the deep dark recesses of my brain sparked.


map 14


To be honest, I didn’t even know why until I got there.




The art wasn’t familiar.




Neither were the warnings about jellyfish and nude bathing…. two things that should never be experienced together.

So while the husband made a new friend…




I walked around wondering why this particular place had called to me.




Just a wee bit…




It was a lovely spot.




And as I wandered…




I realized what I was doing.




I was walking in my late father’s footsteps.




He was an artist….. and had painted this very spot.


IMG_1466 (2)


That’s why we were there.


Img_3995 (500x375)


Because all my life….. I’d seen the word Menemsha on a few of his paintings and never knew what it meant.




I lost my father when I was 15.

Much too young…




We missed so many things.




But for a moment, on this day….




He walked with me.




And my heart was full.