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What do you get for your tax dollars in Kennebunk, Maine?



That’s what you get for the outrageously high property tax bills the town of Kennebunk sends out twice a year.



But what lovely flowers they are.



Every free space in the village is filled with them.



It’s impressive and quite beautiful.



Is it any wonder President Bush’s family has their summer home in Kennebunkport?


Things that are sad, but true.


This first one might be a bit of an exaggeration…



But there’s a reason I have a permanent dent in my right shoulder and tend to list a little to that side.



Cross off the always annoyed and it’s a perfect description of me in the past year. Sigh…



We cat people pretend our feline overlords feel deep affection for us…. but it’s just as likely they’d eat us if we dropped dead on the living room floor.



Now that, is a dilemma.


End of the (veggie) line.


Our final CSA harvest from the farm across the street was picked up yesterday.



Peppers, turnip, tomatillos, parsley, basil, leeks, fennel, radishes, carrots…



A fabulous watermelon I wish we’d seen more of this past summer…

And this:



A beautiful thing I had to look up.



I’d never heard of it. And after sampling a little? I was glad. Mountain meadow my *ss.

Blech! Shiso was a great big no no.

But apparently it’s very popular in Japan where they use it in sushi and drink it as tea.



Can’t say the pesto looks very appetizing.



Or whatever the heck that is. If I didn’t know better I’d say marinated dog poo on rice.

Well, to each their own. But take my word for it, it is popular.



I have no idea what that says, but yeah. I’m still going to pass.


Because some things are best left unexplored.


Facebook ads. They’re never ending and annoying and I pay them very little mind.



Yes, I like Hint water… but don’t need to see daily videos.



And yes, those are some sweet shades I could easily see myself rocking next summer, but they don’t need to join the other 15 pairs I never wear in my junk drawer.

While I realize these ads are targeted to me specifically based on algorithms of my search history, every once in a while they surprise me.

As this one did the other day:



Not being in possession of a pair, I assure you I have never actively searched for ball wash.

Trust me on this.

Of course since it popped up, I had to click. For research/ blog fodder purposes only you understand.



Don’t be whack, GIVE A SACK.

There’s an ad slogan designed to burrow deep into your frontal cortex.

And while I admit I chortled over this, I’m not chortling now. Because you know what happens when you click on a Facebook ball wash product ad?




And this:



I am now being inundated with less than helpful product placement.

Man meat.

What have I done!


Summer means watermelon.


And woodchucks eating watermelon is too damned cute not to share.




I never thought about giving watermelon to the chucks.




But a bowl of it got pushed to the back the fridge recently and I couldn’t see throwing it away.




Let me tell you….




There were some happy little chuckers that afternoon.




Until the last piece was in sight.




Then it was every chuck for themselves.

My blue heaven….


We’re rapidly running out of fresh blueberries thanks to the crows…. so it was time to whip out my all time favorite blue recipe.

Lemon blueberry pound cake with a lemon zest glaze.




Ooh la la…. the batter has a stick of butter in it.




And once you add the berries?

I eat it like ice cream.

Do I make a mess when I bake?




You could say that.

But it’s so worth it.




Three loaves of buttery berried goodness.

I ran into a little SNAFU after they cooled and I started to make the glaze.




2017? No problem….

Expiration dates are for the weak.

But settle down, I Googled it.






If Google says it’s alright? Who am I to argue.




Lemon zest glaze.




I tend to do more than drizzle.




Because when have you ever heard someone say,  “I’ll take mine with less fabulousness please?”




Recipe as requested.

It should be noted I double…. oh alright, sometimes triple…. the glaze ingredients.

And we’re stuffing…


Now that the  not even friggin’ close to   temporary doors were finished, it was time to start insulating the ceiling.



This product is great, not nearly as toxic and itchy as the old pink stuff….. but still, masks and gloves help.



Many, many small pieces had to be cut.



With (for once! ) the appropriate tool.

Imagine cutting into a large, dry, rectangular angel food cake and you get the idea.



Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

Into all the spaces in between.



After he built shelves for his speakers….



And tucked all the wires away.

Oh, you spotted that ancient electric typewriter?

Of course he had to bring it home when his office threw it away.  It works! And heck, you never know when you might need one.




It took a whole day to stuff the small corners and when I tried to leave to cook dinner?



I had to wait.



But the sunset was nice.



So it wasn’t really a hardship.


Because I was tired of waiting.


Ever since we installed the new deck railings we’ve needed to re-stain the deck. And by we, I mean me… because while he’ll constantly remark it needs to be done? The husband never does it. Not once in 18 years.



Problem is, we needed to buy a new pressure washer to clean the siding and I didn’t want to stain until that happened.

So I waited. And waited….. and waited some more.

( Never nagging. No. Not me.)



But after the husband saw the prices of a new Honda pressure washer?

I feel confident saying it’s not happening anytime soon.

So I moved things to the lawn, grabbed my brush and went to work.



Many  holy hell why is it surface of the sun  hot hours later…



I was done.



And pretty pleased with the results.



Dirty siding aside, it looks nice.



Clean, fresh and ready for the red squirrel family’s onslaught of poo.



Next morning fog shot just because.

Blue Monday.


We’re extremely blue at Casa River.



And loving every minute of it.



Our bushes are full of ripe fruit and we can’t pick fast enough.



The neighbors get a bowl.

The postman gets a bowl.

If y’all lived closer, you’d get a bowl as well.



After picking, it was time to dig out my favorite blueberry recipes.



The coffee cake was wonderful.



Bursting with fat juicy fruit.



Unfortunately, the cobbler didn’t cobble.



The berries were so big the batter didn’t squeeze up through, but sat at the bottom and made cake instead.

Of course, now that I think about it….



There’s nothing wrong with upside down cobbler.

It still tastes fabulous.

So if you care to share your favorite recipe…. I’m all ears.

And blue fingers.


For Boo, as requested.