Well, that’s a new one.


As you know…. my husband has a habit of coming home from the dump with more than he went with.

But this week?

I think he even surprised himself.

We’d been working on the baby barn and the truck was full of rotted wood.




Our local recycling center won’t take it because it was painted, which means a 40 minute trip to a solid waste disposal site. He came back with an empty truck….

And this:





A 2005 BMW.

Did we need another one? No.




And come on, you know owning two BMW’s is twice as obnoxious as owning one.

Why did he buy another one?

Because it was clean…




Had low mileage for it’s age…

And the little old lady that owned it treated it like a child.



I really have to stop letting him go to the dump alone.


*Disclaimer – technically he didn’t get this at the dump, just found it at a house along the way.  Hell, if he’d found it for free at the dump… I wouldn’t be complaining.*






40 thoughts on “Well, that’s a new one.”

  1. I think so long as it actually runs well, then it maaaay be okay, but if he keeps this up, you should totally make him go on that Hoarders show. I was once married to someone who had a “beer can collection” and that’s 90% of the reason I divorced him.

    Beer can collection = a cardboard box in my spare room that was filled with “limited edition” empty beer cans. Also, he did not drink beer, so there was that.

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      1. He also collected old bowling magazines. In case he “needed to refer to them” at a later date. Not surprisingly, he never touched one again after depositing it onto the pile.

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  2. Someone in town wants to buy my Dad’s old army jeep that hasn’t been out on the road since the 1990’s. He started considering it and then he wound up in the hospital. I think the strain was too much for him to bear! He should be okay in a few days. Hoarders hoard, but they sure as hell don’t sell. At least not my dad. Mona

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  3. I think you need to chain him to something. I often read your posts and let out a little snort of laughter at your husband’s antics, and actually shake my head in disbelief.

    Idea: he writes a side-by-side blog. You know, telling, say, the story of him going to the dump and coming home with a used BMW, but from his perspective! It would be an interesting compare/contrast exercise.

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  4. When I first started dating my boyfriend, he came home with a bike accessory bag he found on a street corner and gave it to me as a gift. It’s amazing we made it past that day….

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      1. Thank goodness he isn’t a collector…he sweats when I bring shopping new shoes into the house…he’s just tight with he coins. Haha.


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