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Still showing a girl a good time.


My husband, the king of romance.

Since we haven’t done any traveling this year due to the global plague, my wonderful spouse suggested we take a ride up the coast one warm afternoon last week. I readily agreed and dressed appropriately.

I was a little surprised to hear him pulling the truck out of the garage instead of the Beemer, but he loves that old thing and I figured he wanted to run her for a spell.

I should have known.

Where did my thoughtful husband take me on our relaxing ride up the coast?



To one of the few remaining bring anything and everything you want to throw out dumps that are still open during the pandemic.



And while I’m thrilled there are still things he’s willing to relinquish, this wasn’t the leisurely waterfront cruise I had in mind.




I think it’s well and truly dead.


Treasure is in the eye of the beholder.


If it’s rusty, weighs 600 lbs and doesn’t work? I guarantee you my husband will love it.



Like this old cash register he brought home from the dump years ago. No, not the fancy, scroll worked, shiny brass kind from the the turn of the century… the ugly ass, flat black, base metal one they used at gas stations and feed stores in the 40’s and 50’s.

What’s that?

Your husband takes things to the dump? How nice for you.



Mine brings home broken things other people don’t want.

Does he clean/fix/repurpose them for use… or even as decorative items? No.



But when they need to be moved, the man painting our barn has to be enlisted to help.






Just a bit.



But after much huffing and puffing it was plunked down on that other ton of fun in the big barn.

Though why the floor didn’t give out from underneath them I’m sure I don’t know.

The miracle continues…


Out of nowhere the husband decided to clean the garage.



And there was lots to sort through and clean believe me.



Did I crochet that?

I once superglued the straps of my bathing suit together, so… no.

Like hundreds of other items that show up in our out buildings, I have no clue how it came to be there. But the point is, the husband was willing to get rid of some things and that had to be celebrated.


And crowed about on a blog.



Okay, so he wasn’t willing to part with everything. This was old, rusted and didn’t work.

In other words, a keeper!



Halfway though the day he stumbled on that motorcycle dolly he just had to have. You know the one… I bought it for his birthday 10 years ago, almost broke my back getting it into the house and wrapped? The one he not only didn’t use, but never even opened?

Yeah, that one.

Problem was it had been stuck in the back of the garage for all that time and a mouse family had moved in. So when he picked it up?



The bottom of the box gave way.



And pounds of mouse shavings, clippings and poo fell out.



But one side of the building revealed it did indeed have a (seriously cracked) floor and the truck was filling up for a dump run.

Cue the brass band.



Naturally if I put anything in there, it had to be gone over with a fine tooth comb. Which by the way, I found three of.

None with a full set of teeth.

Good times.


It’s a miracle!


Somewhere …. pigs are flying. I know this because I went out to the big barn and saw something I never thought I’d see.



My husband sorting through and …. are you sitting down?… actually throwing things out!

It’s true. And I might have wept with joy. (After an orgasm. Or two. )

Not only did he throw things out….



He chopped some up and cut them into little pieces.



Okay he did it with a saw that was on the floor because the tables were covered in crap… but still!

The old rotten shelf with the 40 degree lean that was filled with useless stuff? Gone!



Whatever this was?



It and all it’s relatives… gone!

I couldn’t figure out why this was happening, but it’s like extended happy hour at your favorite bar…. you don’t ask why. You just drink till you pass out.

And then I noticed where all of these things were going.



In piles alongside the deck.

One minute there was a rusty folding camp bed and broken sewing machine table…. the next minute? They were gone.

I assumed the husband was loading up his truck for a dump run, but no.

It turns out the man who we hired to paint our barn wanted it.

All of it.

And was filling up the back of his truck.



Pardon the terrible through the screen photo but I was so happy to see the crap leave our property I had to.

So miracles do happen, and the best miracle of all?

We’d hired a fellow hoarder! And I realized the husband wasn’t throwing out his treasure…. he was gifting it.

Why in the world didn’t I think of this sooner?


Products that make my eyes roll.


Maybe it’s just me, but when I see a list of “must have” products?

It’s a guarantee I mustn’t.



Do I need a magnetized bin to save my lint?

I most decidedly do not.

Does anyone?

With my luck I’d save lint and the red squirrels would steal it and start nest building again.



So basically this is a tarp with a square frame and handles. It costs $30 and you still have to pay someone to haul it away. Makes me glad I live in the country where we can just load up our truck and drive to the dump.



Is this a joke?

No one wants to time warp back to 80’s hair.








Eco friendly bamboo? Fine.


But charcoal bristles treated with carbon?




This is not a look I care to embrace.

And finally….



Sorry, but I’m thinking my inner mermaid is better left unrevealed.

Because my husband knows how to show a girl a good time.


Never let it be said life with my husband is dull.



Take the other day for example…. he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride up the coast.

Envisioning a leisurely scenic drive along the crystal blue ocean, I jumped at the chance.



This is where we ended up.

A salvage yard.



And it’s a testament to how much I love that man that I was actually thrilled.



Thrilled that he was willing to throw a few things out and not dump pick to add to his collection.




It’s funny that way.



Although what this sign was originally warning against I’m sure I don’t know.


Oreo cows ahead?

Well, that’s a new one.


As you know…. my husband has a habit of coming home from the dump with more than he went with.

But this week?

I think he even surprised himself.

We’d been working on the baby barn and the truck was full of rotted wood.




Our local recycling center won’t take it because it was painted, which means a 40 minute trip to a solid waste disposal site. He came back with an empty truck….

And this:





A 2005 BMW.

Did we need another one? No.




And come on, you know owning two BMW’s is twice as obnoxious as owning one.

Why did he buy another one?

Because it was clean…




Had low mileage for it’s age…

And the little old lady that owned it treated it like a child.



I really have to stop letting him go to the dump alone.


*Disclaimer – technically he didn’t get this at the dump, just found it at a house along the way.  Hell, if he’d found it for free at the dump… I wouldn’t be complaining.*






I knew it was going to be a banner day.


When I woke up to this…




A big old rainbow in our backyard.. almost a double.




And if that wasn’t beautiful enough?

Later in the day, this happened….




My husband…. who never throws anything out?

Loaded up his truck and went to the dump!



He cleaned out the giant stack of empty boxes and some of the crap that’s been clogging our garage for years.

We went from this…




To this…





I can see the walls!

And he even got rid of that old sink he brought home from God knows where.




Of course now I can see the vintage cash register and faded bed frame that I had no idea he’d snuck in as well.

But hey…

Even miracles only go so far.