Babies can be annoying.


Let’s face it, there’s going to be a weekly baby barn update for the duration of the deconstruction/construction.

Which, at this point…. I figure will end sometime between  Jesus, isn’t it done yet?  and   If I have to pry one more splinter out of my hand, I’ll shoot myself in the head and call it good.





If you’re an immigrant during this administration? Not Good.




If you’re a rotting baby barn circa 1974?  Very good.




Here’s a pic of the husband using his vintage (what feels like 50lb) saw.

You’ll notice he’s hunched over and applying pressure. That’s because the damn thing shimmies like a tilt a whirl on crack and might fly apart if you don’t.







They’re a good thing. But sometimes…




You see where I’m going with this?




From the outside all looks well.




From the inside, things went a little squirrelly on the right.



little bit


Do we care?

We do not.




Do we wait for the wife to bring the dust pan during clean up?



So, another weekend done.

Another section framed and ready for siding.




Did I mention that the husband’s plan of starting at the halfway point on the front and working his way around makes it look a bit odd?




Rather like a schizophrenic.

Perhaps I shall name her Sybil….

36 thoughts on “Babies can be annoying.”

  1. Well it seems that Sybil the Baby Barn is coming along quite nicely…..for a schizo barn that is….lol. You are very patient, once (when I was married) my ex-husband was residing our garage, which was separate from our house. He was putting up the siding without measuring it at the top. He said he’d just cut it off “after” he finished the entire left side. It annoyed the hell out of me, so I went out into the garage, measured each piece of siding and cut each and every one with the electric saw.

    When he got home he asked me why I’d done that, and I told him that it was only logical. His pieces, after cutting them were all fucked up. So for years he’d explain to people asking why they looked off that “they sold him those pieces of siding like that” and I’d call him a liar and then…………..I got a divorce, lol.

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  2. My husband finally got around to putting up the kitchen backsplash. He worked really hard on it. I don’t have the heart to tell him it’s just a wee bit lopsided. At least it’s new and clean, better than what was there before.

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      1. There’s an interesting history/timeline to when tools were Delta – Delta Rockwell – Rockwell and Porter Cable. I have a small series of “Deltagrams” books of patterns and techniques that my dad got after he bought a Delta Rockwell table saw in the early 60s. My brother still has that saw. If I ever put the books out for a tag sale, I’ll let your hubs know 😉 (not to worry, I never have tag sales and I’m keeping the books).

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  3. There is a method to his madness. I once asked my husband to change the broken doorknob for our garage but he kept saying he needed to find the “instructions”. So I took matters into my own hands, got a hammer and smashed it out and put another one in. Wolla! Fixed. No instructions needed.

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  4. You simply must call her Sybil.
    Also, I totally dig that your husband DOES things. Mine can, but he works at work and DOING things after is such a chore. See? So like, yours buys stuff and collects stuff, but he DOES stuff 🙂

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