Can I get an oohrah?


As most of you know, my husband is a Marine. (And as I learned many moons ago, once a Marine always a Marine…. hence the is, even though he retired from the Corps years ago)

Being a Marine means being inundated with Marine Corps stuff. Newsletters, fliers, reunion notices, junk mail and catalogs… like this:




Sgt. Grit appears in our mailbox on a regular basis because I made the mistake of ordering something for the husband from them online. I usually chuck it, but was bored the other day and started flipping through it.





The beloved Marine Corps grunt that I’ve never managed to perform to my husband’s satisfaction. This may have something to do with the fact that I sound more like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman than Chesty Puller…..



And that’s Army. A big no no in this house.

(A little history below for those who care…. though my husband would tell you he’s not doing it correctly either)



The catalog has all the usual USMC geegaws and gifts…




As well as those oh so subtle tee shirts young men love to wear….






Thankfully my husband hates those.

He lived it, and doesn’t feel the need to advertise.

There are knives…




And Ka Bar sporks.




For those days at Kentucky Fried Chicken when plastic just won’t do.




And now you can, for a mere $12.99

You’re welcome.

There are items for children…




And good God, there are even Marine Corps gnomes.




But it was the ladies section that made me choke.

Because even when I had the figure (way back when) to wear these?


Just no…







35 thoughts on “Can I get an oohrah?”

    1. Who knows why military branches always fight. We need to fight the enemy, not ourselves. But then, why can’t we all get along?

      Nevertheless, it’s true, Navy, and Marine fight. A friend of mine (20 years my junior) and I have some petty arguments at times; however, those are always in fun – nothing serious.

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  1. 10 years active duty Navy and 22 years working for them as a civilian. While I do grow fatigued with military attitude sometime, it will always be a part of me.

    Is that girl on the front really called Chesty Puller?

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  2. Oorah for the Marines
    Hooah for the Army
    “Where’s the concierge?” for the Air Force
    Actually, I mustered out before all the battle cries came into use … I do remember Keeyah! in bayonet training.

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  3. How ’bout that! You have your very own Gibbs! Please tell him I said thank you for his service. Good info on where Oohrah came from. Though I gotta admit, I had to take a second look because at first I thought it said Oprah! So close and yet…no. Mona

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