Never let it be said….


That my husband doesn’t know how to show a girl a good time.

On his day off…

We went here:




The Solid Waste Disposal Center.




Okay, it was a little dirty.




And more than a little smelly.



But we got rid of 1/2 a ton of baby barn refuse…

And I saw some porn.




I do love a man who knows his way around a broom.

29 thoughts on “Never let it be said….”

      1. Is THAT why you went?
        So he wouldn’t bring anything home?
        But now that you have confirmed what I thought you would say – I imagine he would say you are his greatest treasure? So …

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      2. I went with him to help huck the crap onto the dump pile… but discouraging acquisitions might have been a factor in my decision.
        As for his greatest treasure… that might be laying it on a little thick.

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  1. We have similar fetishes. I like to see my man installing lightbulbs or heading into the bathroom with a bottle of Tilex. For these things, as well as catching him in use of his tools, I feel lusty admiration.

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