Autumn woes.


Just some deer…




And last month’s backyard fall leaves.




I fear for our resident buck this time of year.




Bow season in October, rifle season in November, black powder season in December.




Three months of abject slaughter I will never understand.




I’m tired of the culling argument. Mother Nature takes care of her own…. and hunters don’t want the small and the weak.




They want the big racks. (Of course they do, they’re men.)

They kill the strongest, largest and healthiest buck they can find…. which means those genes won’t get passed on.




Meanwhile, Momma’s fawns are growing up.




No more spotted Bambis.




And the does enjoy a treat before cold weather sets in….

33 thoughts on “Autumn woes.”

  1. Never got the ‘hunting’ thing, though I have friends for whom it is a yearly event. I went a few times just to be out in nature…never fired a shot. I don’t need to kill one…I’m happy to just observe. I think it’s a case of ‘Big rack, little…’

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  2. I hunted for years and years, but it was to put food on the table. I have never quite understood the term ‘sport’ used with it. One day I went hunting, but at that time of my life, there was me and a wife. I did get a buck with a big rack, but when I walked up to it after tracking it for two hours, I sat on my haunches and looked at it for awhile. My thought was: “Why did I just do that?” I never hunted again. I didn’t need to.
    I don’t know that whacking a Hereford with a air operated bolt gun as it walks through the chute at the slaughtering plant is any more humane, though, and it certainly is less noble in my view.
    Life at it’s most primal level isn’t very pretty … I have seen it in both animals and humans. So I shrug and order another pound of ground hamburger from the meat market, and pat myself on the back for not shooting it first.
    Yeah. I am more civilized …

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      1. If someone would rather get their food outside than from a shrink-wrapped styrofoam tray at the store, fine, but please, please, please don’t say you enjoyed it. It was fun? That’s just sick. You like being outside in nature? Go for a hike then.

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