Things I like today… Part 9.


I like…

The Damariscotta Pumpkin Fest. We’ve never been, but someday….

Someday I’m going up there to watch people float down the river in giant pumpkin boats.




I like…

The color coordination of fall leaves and the husband’s tractor.




I like….

The idea of cotton candy cloud coffee.




On second thought, to heck with the coffee…. just let me walk around with a sugar cloud over my head all day.





I like…

People who are really, really devoted to a theme.




Please note the skulls on the front grille.

Doesn’t that just make you want to yell….


25 thoughts on “Things I like today… Part 9.”

  1. The color on the trees really brings out the vibrant orange in your hubs tractor, lol. But that cotton candy coffee thingy, what will people invent next? All I’ve ever done is stir my coffee with a candy cane to get peppermint mocha out of season ☕️🎄🧐.

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  2. I’ve actually had a drink where you’re given a cup with cotton candy (we call it fairy floss) in it and given two beakers; warm milk and chocolate or coffee. Then you make your own drink. Extremely messy with splatter if you don’t do it properly and overpriced but worth the one-time experience.

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  3. I have a feeling that if your hubby saw that bones & skulls vehicle, he’d want to buy it…and then he’d have to build a huge skeleton closet to keep it in. But at least you could be a ghost rider on a road trip.

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