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Well, I do love me some ‘shrooms.


I saw an article the other day that made me look twice.



I’m extremely environmentally conscious, so color me intrigued.



Grandma = a nice Marsala sauce?

Stranger things have happened. ( To me anyway, you might lead a normal life. )



All kidding aside, why not?




We paid a lot more for my father in law’s coffin… and ain’t nobody going to harvest that for risotto.


Autumn woes.


Just some deer…




And last month’s backyard fall leaves.




I fear for our resident buck this time of year.




Bow season in October, rifle season in November, black powder season in December.




Three months of abject slaughter I will never understand.




I’m tired of the culling argument. Mother Nature takes care of her own…. and hunters don’t want the small and the weak.




They want the big racks. (Of course they do, they’re men.)

They kill the strongest, largest and healthiest buck they can find…. which means those genes won’t get passed on.




Meanwhile, Momma’s fawns are growing up.




No more spotted Bambis.




And the does enjoy a treat before cold weather sets in….