White Mountains trip Day 3… frost, foliage, skulls and old men.


We woke up on the morning of our third day to a bit of chilly weather.




And a whole lotta windshield frost.




You can tell by the husband’s face he was not pleased with the little girlie scraper I keep in my car. But heck, he shouldn’t grumble. It beat his credit card.




There were more trees, and more fall foliage.




And of course, skulls.




And skeletal ATV passengers.




Which we saw at a local gas station.

Off roading is a huge industry in the mountains and these things are everywhere. Some towns even allow them to run the main roads. Rental places are abundant, with guides plotting out trips and trails for novices.

We even drove past an ATV Halloween parade. Bizarre doesn’t begin to describe it…. but no matter how loudly I squealed for the husband to stop so I could photograph it…. he flew right past.




Day 3 had us cruising down Route 2 through Gilead, Maine.




Blink and you’ll miss the town.




But it’s always one of my favorite scenic rides in the area.




A little farther down the road the mountains held on to some fog.




And it can be a surreal sight.




Hanging there, still and quiet….








We were heading to the Polar caves in Rumney, New Hampshire and drove past numerous ski areas….




As well as Franconia Notch where there wasn’t much foliage at all.




The Old Man in the Mountain used to live here…



old man


But sadly, he collapsed on May 3, 2003.




And if you lived in this part of the country?

Trust me…

You wept.


34 thoughts on “White Mountains trip Day 3… frost, foliage, skulls and old men.”

  1. It was a sad, sad, sad day when “The Old Man” fell -by that time, I had been living in Georgia for a few years. I have been back to see where he was a time or two, it’s just not the the same. 😔

    Once a Marine… He will overcome the challange of your “girly” scraper

    Liked by 1 person

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