White Mountains trip Day 3…. Polar Caves.


The Polar Caves in Rumney, NH was one of the few tourist destinations on my list. While we usually prefer natural wild places, I’d read good reviews on this multi generational family run spot and figured we should check it out.

Happily we showed up on the last day of the year that they’re open and didn’t have to fight the crowds.




I knew I was going to like it when we saw a large oak tree in the parking lot with this sign underneath…




You have to appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness, if not their spelling.




I had my doubts after buying tickets in the ticky tacky gift shop and walking outside to find the usual giant Adirondak chair.

And when we saw the creepy anorexic polar bears?




I figured I’d made a mistake.






But the small petting zoo charmed me…




With it’s precious European fallow deer…




That we had to feed…




And pet.




I mean really…. could you resist that face?




They make the funniest noise when they vocalize, almost a squeak.




And after having his say, this guy almost fell asleep.




Look how small they are. I told the husband I could easily fit a couple in the barn, but he wasn’t amused.

There were also some gorgeous Chinese pheasants.




Although they were hard to photograph due to the cages and a moat around the outside that keeps pesky children’s fingers away.




The tails on the males were pretty impressive.




As were their colors.




But this little guy stole my heart.




Look at him…




He’s a Dr. Seuss bird come to life!

27 thoughts on “White Mountains trip Day 3…. Polar Caves.”

  1. I don’t remember there being a petting zoo, but it doesn’t surprise me.

    As for you being “petless” …ahh, but you aren’t really. You have a large open-air (no wall) zoo at home. Where the animals come and go as they wish. What could be better?

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