Cape Cod Day 5… P’town, the breakwater and the seashore.




Provincetown is home to charming inns…




Narrow streets…




And lovely little homes whose lawns you could mow with a pair of scissors.




I don’t want to say they’re too close together….




But, yeah.




They kind of are.




All roads seemed to lead to the ocean…




So we did as well.




Which is where we found a breakwater… made of rocks!




That I totally wanted to walk, even in the rain….




To which the husband said not no…




But Hell no.




First Landing Park? You’re looking at it.

Sign… grass.

Duly noted and photographed.




With the weather getting worse, we gave up….




And drove back to the resort along the National Seashore.




Which… in the rain, from the car,




Looked like this.




Oh well….




At least we were safe from the sharks.

27 thoughts on “Cape Cod Day 5… P’town, the breakwater and the seashore.”

    1. Some of them were insanely close together. Forget walking next door and asking your neighbor for a cup of sugar, you can reach out and take it.
      And yes, a few rocks for the addicts I’ve created.

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      1. When I lived in New York, our neighbor would yell to my ex-wife to bum a cigarette, which I could hand her through the second story window. Not as close as these, but close enough.

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  1. I’m so glad that 1) there were rocks and 2) that in Texas there are at least 10 feet of separation from one house to another and 3) that you didn’t get stranded on that rock wall, protective dike thingy. I think your hubs was right, it was best you didn’t, at least this time.

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      1. And they probs would have been your last rock close ups seeing as the weather wasn’t as agreeable as it should have been. And then of course there is JAWS to consider, I mean hello don’t you remember the movie? There is a rock-wall, protective dike thingy in the movie and from what I hear, JAWS loves to hang out there so, you really dodged a close one there, just sayin’.

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  2. That’s lovely. It’s just lovely, even in the cold and rain. I freaking love the stone breakwaters. Love. Can you tell how much I love this area? I feel like you can. I have such fond memories. ❤

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