And speaking of ice….


Oh, we weren’t talking about ice? Well, I am now.

We had ice this year.

Lots and lots of ice.

The shovel the snow off the driveway, watch your feet slide out from under you and land smack on your ass kind of ice.

Everything was covered in sheets of ice for weeks on end.

Of course this made for some pretty fabulous icicles.




On the garage, they started out small.




But then they grew.




Which made getting in and out of the garage rather perilous.




Did I mention this was the section of the garage I was nagging the husband to put a new gutter on all last summer and fall?




Maybe now he knows why.

19 thoughts on “And speaking of ice….”

  1. Those aren’t all THAT bad.
    I’ve seen worse, I’m sure you have too

    But thinking about last summer – – and the nagging…

    Why put up a gutter if it’s not (at the time) needed? Everyone knows NOT to do preventative (uhh) repairs until after the fact. – – – sigh

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    1. He took the old gutter down when he put the siding on the garage… it was supposed to go back up until he decided he wanted a new one, which he never got. Now we have a lake every time it rains and giant icicles when it freezes.
      Clearly, I didn’t nag forcefully enough!

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  2. I was going to say something smart about living in the Pacific Northwet and not getting icicles… then you mention puddles and lakes in your comment…
    If we don’t maintain our gutters, its because we live in a submarine 😉

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  3. Icicles can still form on certain types of gutters. I suggest you spray Teflon along the edge of the roof so icicles don’t stick (no need to thank me for saving you the expense of new gutters).

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  4. After almost getting killed by one? I take a broom and knock them suckers off. I don’t let them grow. The one that almost hit me was 4′ long and about as big around at the top as Hulk Hogan’s biceps. I couldn’t reach those to knock them off but I surely do any I can reach.


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