Random ridiculousness.


I live in Maine.

We have terrible roads due to the high water content underneath and a never ending cycle of freezing and melting.

Frost heave is a separate season here….




And the potholes can be large enough to swallow your car.

So this made me chuckle the other day….






We’re an odd bunch.




With funny license plates.

I also ran across a strange product:




Are slipping nerd glasses really that much of a problem?




Apparently it is.





24 thoughts on “Random ridiculousness.”

  1. I need the opposite of that nerd wax. With all my eye issues lately I now have to wear readers to see up close so I need them to slip down to the end of my nose so I can look over the top of them to see at a distance. Gawd I’m slowly adding on to every turning old stereotype.

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  2. Maine potholes may get big enough to swallow a car, but I’m not swallowing the set-up that the fish in the photo came out of that pothole. Great gag, though.

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      1. Maybe you’re right, so allow me to correct the last sentence of my previous comment: WHIMSICAL gag, though!

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  3. Yes — I know people who use Nerdwax — strangely, two of them are nurses. Maybe it’s due to all the movement. I have a desk job.
    Our potholes are BAD, but I bet yours are worse. We have more traffic than bad weather. “Crossroads of America” and all.

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