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It’s finally here!


Yes, after ordering one in January, receiving it in February, sending it back due to damage in March, waiting for a refund until May, ordering another one in June….



In August… we finally (why the hell was that was so hard?) have a kegorator!!!

Naturally, with my husband at the helm…. delivery to the man cave did not go smoothly.



Drive much? And yes, it was my car he used to ram into the garden bed bricks. Geesh!



Numerous pieces and parts accompanied the unit.



Which barely fit in between the bar and my (heavily loaded because yes, a girl needs variety) booze laden shelves.



But there she is… in place, a dual tapper!



Of course we had to rush right out and purchase a keg of the husband’s favorite Belgian. (Heavier than it looks. Damn!)



Allagash White, from a local Maine brewery.



And then came the holy shit we might need an engineer dreaded assembly instructions.

To be continued….


Risking life and limb for my blog.


Never let it be said I don’t put myself in harm’s way for my loyal readers.



Yes, I drove home from the store one handed the other day just so I could share a few shots of our beautiful fall foliage in Maine.



We had a very hot dry summer…



So the leaves aren’t as vibrant as they could be.



But it’s still a pretty sweet show.



Minus the spots and streaks on my dirty windshield that is.



No small animals were killed while I swerved left for that burning bush…



And swerved right for that perfect sugar maple.



Good thing we don’t get much traffic on our road.



Or police cruisers.



Ah, autumn in New England.



If you’ve never experienced it….



What are you waiting for?



That’s one way to wake up.


We had a bit of excitement the other day.

Yes, that’s the husband walking our road with a policeman.




They were picking up debris from an accident that happened right in front of our house.




A woman fell asleep at the wheel, went off the road, drove at least 500 feet in the ditch…



Took out two mailboxes…



Spun around and landed in our farming neighbor’s field.



Thankfully she wasn’t hurt.



But if you know anything about small town volunteer fire departments, you know everyone showed up.



She was checked out by paramedics and given the okay to leave.




And I hope she realized how lucky she was. Lucky she didn’t hit any of the 5 telephone poles in her path, lucky no one was driving on the other side of the road, lucky no one was walking their dog and lucky she entered the field on level ground instead of the small hill that would have flipped her.



A broken windshield and busted mirror could have been a whole lot worse.


Covid humor.


Because wouldn’t you rather laugh?




That puts things in perspective.




For quite a bit longer by the looks of things.



Don’t you just hate when that happens?



Hell, in Maine…. it already does.



Good rule.



Most definitely.

Grocery stores have become the new I-95. Wrong way dumb asses, rubberneckers, and the road police who do 25 miles under the posted speed limit.

Move aside people….

River needs double fudge brownie mix. And tequila.



A fitting finale.

WTF indeed.

It’s a simple concept.


Trips to the grocery store are so much more interesting these days.

And by interesting, I mean annoying A.F.

Take for example… the ample directional signage.


IMG_3764 (2)


Since I am a fully functioning literate adult, I read this and my brain processes the instruction quite quickly.

For those unlucky souls who don’t possess my lightning quick reasoning? There was also this helpful accompaniment.




Pretty straight forward, right?

Then why…. on every single aisle I traversed…. did I have to dodge customers coming straight at me? Many without the facial covering the store… and now this particular town…. requires.

Regardless whether you’re on board with the whole mask, social distancing, 6 feet apart regime…. it’s this grocery store’s policy and they’re doing it to try and keep you safe. You don’t have to shop there, but if you do? Please pay attention… and study those pesky one syllable directions.

I’d hate to inadvertently (on purpose) stick my foot out as you pass by.



Day 16…. the trip home.


As we were leaving the resort for the 12 hour plus drive home, I found this behind a door.




Clearly the previous tenants vacationed in the coat closet and didn’t want to be disturbed.

And yes, you read that correctly. This will be my last blog about the Williamsburg, Virginia vacation.



To think it only took me 60 posts to get here!

So…. it was a grey overcast morning the day we left.




And I have absolutely no idea what this was.




But here’s the Washington Monument….




And the entrance to a tunnel.




Was my husband obeying the speed limit?





He never does, but when you’re riding in a rental Brontosaurus and the lanes get smaller due to construction? My blood pressure ruses when he approaches 100 mph.




I also look out the side window a lot.





Although it’s hard to focus properly at that speed.




Playing with my phone helps…




As does laughing at some slightly painful road names.




Here’s the Delaware Memorial Bridge.




And the toll ticket that cut off our George Washington Bridge exit price on the bottom.




For those of you who have never seen the New York City skyline on an overcast day from the New Jersey Turnpike at 90 mph?




Here you go.







Next up was the George Washington Bridge, where I usually close my eyes and pray to the God of Tequila that I’ll live to see another margarita.




Ironically… as soon as I started filming, the husband slowed down. Which is a good thing since the roads were potholed and in horrible shape.



Traffic was a nightmare.




But it always is.




And every time we pass these massive apartment complexes….




I realize how blessed we are to  live in the country.




Was this water blowing off the top of that truck?

No. It was smoke, because something was probably on fire. When we crept up next to it and signaled the driver there was a problem?

He flipped us off.




Ya gotta love New Yorkers.




The rest of the trip was long, traffic laden and uneventful.

We were even too pooped to make our normal pit stop at the tax free New Hampshire liquor store.




Technically I took a few more…. but still.

Why is sitting in car doing absolutely nothing for 13 hours so damn tiring?


I love my town…. Part 6.


Time for an update on the stories making the news on my town’s Facebook page.

Traffic jams are awful, no two ways about it…..

But in my town?



Untitled (2)


They’re not always bumper to bumper.




And then there was this:




No, damn it! I did not.

We’ve lived here over 17 years and the only moose I’ve seen was a dead one on I-95.

Trotting right down Main Street?




Another missed opportunity.

And finally, there was this:




My first thought was the zombie fish apocalypse had begun… and I started to get a little nervous.

But it turns out a bald eagle was fishing the river, dropped his sturgeon while flying and decided to munch on it in situ.



Because the thought of zombie fish taking over my blog?

Not cool.


Random ridiculousness.


I live in Maine.

We have terrible roads due to the high water content underneath and a never ending cycle of freezing and melting.

Frost heave is a separate season here….




And the potholes can be large enough to swallow your car.

So this made me chuckle the other day….






We’re an odd bunch.




With funny license plates.

I also ran across a strange product:




Are slipping nerd glasses really that much of a problem?




Apparently it is.