Yorktown waterfront…. a pub, good food, some feral cats and a view.


In case you haven’t already guessed, there was not a single wine filter gift to be had in the entire state of Virginia…. so the only thing left to do was drown my sorrows at the Yorktown Pub.




This unassuming little place got great reviews and had been recommended to us by numerous people so we gave it a try.




While it’s definitely a no frills local hangout….




The riverfront views were lovely.





The feral cats were friendly….




Plentiful, and well fed by the bar owners and staff.




And while the cocktail list was basic?




The drinks were tasty, potent and cheap.




What more can a girl ask?




Good food.

The husband’s weird combination of chicken fingers and mixed veggies looked odd but he was happy with it…. and my fried shrimp were quite honestly the best I’ve had in years. Fresh, juicy, and perfectly cooked with a light crisp batter. Add homemade tartar sauce, some marvelous fries and another cocktail?




And River was a happy camper.




Long live beer diversity!




And cheap meals.




Since the sun was setting…




We took a stroll along the water.




Hand in hand…




Enjoying the scenery…




And the non traditional ways we choose to spend the holidays.




Different places.




Different sights.




Different sounds.




Different experiences.




And never a dull moment.

37 thoughts on “Yorktown waterfront…. a pub, good food, some feral cats and a view.”

  1. I’ll have to check that place out. You think I could order a Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade hold the whiskey?

    I think the whole trip was a great way to celebrate the holidays.

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  2. Wonderful food, good drinks, and I’m glad both the weather and the cats were amenable to you and the husband’s stroll along the water, both of you getting along like peas and carrots. And you’ve got your spine, you’ve got your Orange Crush.
    Yes, I thought I’d drop in a little R.E.M. since you had a dreamy time, although for seven bucks I would have expected the American Hot Toddy to have some alcohol in it.

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  3. Gorgeous scenery!
    Cute kittehs 🙂
    I would like an Orange Crush (or two). I’ve been hittin the citrus hard lately — cuties and oranges and grapefruit and orange sorbet and Dreamsicles and just about an hour ago, I was wondering how good a float would be if I made it with vanilla vodka, cream soda, and orange sorbet. Can’t decide if it’d be gross or fantastic.

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