Pandemic weekends.


Weekends during the pandemic don’t look like they used to.

While we’ve been staying home like good little citizens, we did have a big day out last Saturday…. which I’ll share with you now. (Since we won’t be vacationing in the foreseeable future and I know you’ll miss my travel blogs.)




We drove to the Limington Harmon airport.



Which, as you can see…… is not quite Chicago O’Hare.




As travel destinations go….. it lacked a certain something.




But the husband was investigating an incident/accident and had to take pictures of the runway.




So at  least we walked in the fresh air…




With absolutely zero chance of anyone breathing infection on us.




And I guess that’s about all you can ask from a day trip these days.


15 thoughts on “Pandemic weekends.”

  1. I have a fantastic idea—and you can have loads of blogs and pictures–take individual pictures of each item of food in your house OR IF YOU PREFER go into husband’s barn(s) and take a picture of each of his ‘finds’–that should keep you busy until the virus is gone or I reach 25!!!

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  2. We closed the store on weekends, so I had my first Saturday off in a long time. Since there’s only two of us to run the store now, and it often takes two to run it, we decided M-F together was better than splitting a day each alone (or, god forbid, both of us working sixes). So, I started to get things done around here after shopping but a buddy stopped by for a 6-foot-apart beer, and we walked across the street where our good friends live and the four of us had 6-or-so 6-feet-apart beers and we laughed and cried like yesterday was our last day.

    We also agreed to do it again this morning around 10.

    So, weekends are different. And largely the same. Church is in session. It’s just, you know, in the garage instead. 😇

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