Quality viewing.


I’m beginning to think Direct TV is screwing with me.

They know I’m stuck at home and subject to my husband’s absolute control over the remote during the quarantine.

The reason I know this?



All the quality programming they’re providing.

Last weekend?



It was Robbie the Robot in Forbidden Planet.

A classic the husband just had to watch.

Lucky me.



Have you hugged your robot today?

24 thoughts on “Quality viewing.”

  1. I watch Amazon prime or Netflix on my phone if Mark is using the tv already. Although he did surrender the remote for about three hours the other night so I could watch That’s Entertainment parts 1 & 2.


  2. Would sixty gallons be sufficient?
    If that doesn’t make you laugh say that to your husband. It should at least get a smile, if not a chuckle, out of him.
    And my wife is glad she’s got the remote. Otherwise we’d be visiting Altair IV, and after that maybe checking in on Kevin McCarthy and those body snatchers.
    Maybe we should trade spouses until this is over.


  3. That reminds me of Lost in Space which Netflix put out as a reboot. Two seasons in, and it’s pretty damn good. Of course, your streaming options in the Maine back country suck Elk ass.

    Speaking of Sci-Fi reboots, the SciFy channel is playing a marathon of it’s reboot of Battle Star Galactica. This series ran in the early 2000’s and is far superior to the campy original series of the 70’s. It’s a Sci-Fi show but it’s also not. Character development and social interaction along with even political intrigue makes it one of the best TV dramas I ever saw. I actually rank it in my top 5.

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    1. Our streaming options definitely suck ass, but it would be moose not elk.
      I watched the original Star Trek, Lost in Space and Land of the Giants as a kid… and The X Files later on.
      Now I’m addicted to Westworld. Always wanted to start Dr. Who but I’m so far behind it would take me years to catch up.

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      1. Better to start the Dr. Who now – the longer you wait… (uhh) the more catching up you’ll have to do.
        I started in 82 and took a hiatus in 86. Started back later in mid 90’s then stopped again by 2000. I have watched episodes here and there but tv just doesn’t “click” for me any more.
        Catching up – is hard to do, when you’re far far behind.


  4. With the service subscription and the computer technology that it uses – I would not be surprised if the programming types that is watched most gets suggested most.


  5. Mmm. Went through puberty watching Ann Francis and her skimpy outfits on Forbidden Planet. I wasn’t real certain what sex was about, but I was reasonably sure that I could work it out with her.
    I think there was a robot in the movie too …


  6. You’re lucky. That’s probably one of the bestest movies ever made. Just dig those sound effects when they approach the planet, and who can’t love when that machine under the planet really gets rockin’? I bought this movie and it doesn’t disappoint. I also bought Silent Running, and just pray he doesn’t make you watch that. It was a lot better when I was a little kid.


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