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It’s been a month.


And a very challenging month to say the least.



(Okay, it’s not that bad. But my husband retired December 31rst and won’t see his first monthly pension check until June. Such are the joys of working for the Federal Government.)

As I’ve said before this was a difficult decision for my hardworking spouse. He struggled with it for years and I knew it wouldn’t be an easy transition. What I didn’t know was that I would suddenly be living with a 74 year old toddler who bores easily and must be entertained.

Since Covid ruined our original retire and travel! plans, the husband has been having trouble finding ways to while away the hours. It’s winter in Maine and we are not skiers, snowshoers, or ice hockey enthusiasts. There’s a lot of indoor down time and one can only play so much pool.

On the plus side? My auxiliary desk that has looked like this since he started teleworking two years ago…



Is now free of post its and back to normal.



On the down side? My husband has recently been on the phone with coworkers and clients trying to find a way to worm his way back into the aviation industry.

32 days of retirement and he already wants to go back to work.



Pandemic humor.


Because if I don’t laugh, I’ll hurt someone.



Proof there’s a silver lining to every cloud.



I’m not there… yet.



This, above anything else, is what I miss. Our plans of retiring and traveling extensively this year went right down the drain.



Whew. Glad I made the cut…



I wouldn’t doubt it.



Some people just shouldn’t shake their groove thing. Ever.



Better living through science? I rest my case.



Building a snowman?

Very 2019.


They’re not worthy.


Not worthy of a blog of their own, but random interesting stuff all the same.

(And by interesting, you know I mean not at all interesting… just random information you didn’t want nor need but I feel compelled to share anyway)



I read a lot…. and before now have never thought of myself as any of these.

But from now on?

I’m an ink drinker all the way.



Yes, I bought myself a frying pan that’s reinforced by diamonds.

Because my fried chicken deserves the very best.



My rose is blooming like a lolly pop.



Is this earth shattering news you can use?


But nothing I say ever is.



This claims to be the perfect Cosmopolitan recipe.

I shall research it extensively and report back.



Sadly, we had to shop for 2 headstones for recently passed members of my husband’s family.

After we picked the size of the stone, and the color of the granite….this was what we were given. Sheets of paper with literally thousands of designs that were printed so small, even reading glasses and a magnifying glass barely helped us make them out.

I believe the husband chose a lighthouse for one…. but it could as easily have been a beer keg.

Time will tell.



Danger Will Robinson!

If you’ve never experienced a browntail moth rash you haven’t lived a full life. Imagine mixing poison ivy with fire ants and chicken pox…. and you might come close.

These little bastards have moved into Maine and are stripping our trees bare. And if you happen to brush up against one of them? Hang on, because you’ll attempt to rip the skin off your bones within 12 hours. Nothing stops the itch except a spray that comes in a one ounce bottle sold by one hospital in the state for $65 per. Insurance won’t cover it and you need a doctor’s prescription to purchase it.

I get the rash at least 3 times a year.

Good times.

And finally, if you’ve been wondering what people are doing to keep busy during the pandemic… or how they’re spending their stimulus money?

Wonder no longer.


More pandemic chuckles.


Because if you don’t laugh, you’ll scream.



That’s the very definition of symmetry.



I can relate to this.

My bags are lonely… as well as heartbroken.



I’m not a religious person, but first plague…. now insects.

It’s mildly convincing, but I’m still holding out for water into wine.




A protest I can get behind.



Well that’s depressing.



Because the answer to “what’s new?” has never been more boring.

The last batch.


But really, how can you not love these art re-creations?



Look at that woman!

Having her husband’s head on a platter has simply made her day worth living.



The nose is a little less spectacular, but okay.




Im not sure which is more disturbing, the original or the remake.



Is it me…

Or does that guy look like George Harrison’s Indian guru from the 60’s?



Art imitating life, or life imitating art?

Either way…. that man is slaying it.

And now, the final picture.

Which couldn’t be any more relevant if it tried.


Quality viewing.


I’m beginning to think Direct TV is screwing with me.

They know I’m stuck at home and subject to my husband’s absolute control over the remote during the quarantine.

The reason I know this?



All the quality programming they’re providing.

Last weekend?



It was Robbie the Robot in Forbidden Planet.

A classic the husband just had to watch.

Lucky me.



Have you hugged your robot today?