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How bored was I yesterday?


Tiptoeing around the house quietly while the husband is teleworking is not my forte, so I tried to find something sedentary and silent to do as not to disturb his process.

Yesterday this involved scrolling through a news feed on my phone.

Sick to death  (no pun intended!)  of the current global health crisis, I found myself reading an article called “Jason Bateman deserves to be taken seriously.”





This is how far I’ve fallen.

And because I realize there might be a few other desperate house bound tiptoers out there?


Feel free to melt your brain as well.

What do you do when it snows a foot during a pandemic quarantine?

Well, if you live in Maine….

You have a snow sculpture contest!

That strange looking blob turned into this:

A goldfinch on a nest.

It gets my vote….

But here are some other entries.

Small snowman.

Snow frog.

Large snowman.

Musical snowman.

Upside down snowman.

Snow horse.

Snow bunny.

Snow pig?

Snow mermaid.

And a snow public health advisement…

Someone posted this as well …..

I love it, but have a feeling it was pulled off the net and not a local entry.

A+ for originality though.


Because I’m helpful.


Since we’re all staying home and social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of virus, we’re going to have a lot of time on our hands.

We can blog.

Or Read.

Or binge watch our favorite trashy Netflix series.

But for the crafty and artistic few among us?

Please feel free to steal this idea.




Just be sure to post your versions when you do.

The rest of us are still bored.


Day 4…. the Mariners’ Museum


If you’re not a fan of museums, or history, or naval war battles and the Civil War Ironclads?




Please feel free to skip the next dozen posts because that’s probably how long it’s going to take me to document this amazing place in Newport News, Virginia.




It was an overcast day that was threatening rain so I thought this would be a good choice. I had no idea what to expect and was ready to pay a large ticket price… so imagine my surprise when I saw this.




My first reaction was… man, this place must bite.

But oh, was I wrong.




Upon arrival this magnificent eagle greets you.




It’s a remarkable carving and was lovingly restored from it’s original perch on the bow of this ship.




Look closely, it’s there. And gives you some perspective of how large those ships really were.

Next up was a light.




But not just any light.




And if these were the items in the lobby?




I knew we were going to have a great day.



There are 2 distinct areas of the museum to visit, but being a Civil War buff? I had to choose this first.




The Ironclads.




If you know nothing about them? Hang on.




You will by the time I’m through with you.




Let’s continue….




Turning the corner, we entered this bizarrely blue movie theater that told the story of the Monitor’s sinking.




Turn another corner…. and there she was.

Right under your feet.



And by watching the films, you come to realize how truly dedicated these people are to preserving history.



I found it quite moving.

Around the next corner…




Some interesting artifacts and a glimpse into our Naval past.




I tend to read faster than the husband and am always a few exhibits ahead.




Interestingly enough most people think of the Battle of the Ironclads as the Monitor vs the Merrimack, but technically that’s incorrect.




This was the Merrimack.




She was originally a Union ship that was captured by the Confederates when Gosport fell.




She was damaged, but thanks to this man…




Would be overhauled, covered in iron plate and turned into the CSS Virginia.




The Confederate’s Ironclad.




This is the museum’s recreation of her outfitting.




And what she looked like upon completion.




The Merrimack no longer.




There, you’ve learned something.

Now that wasn’t so bad… eh?



No! Not boring.

It’s history!




And how many of your friends can say they’ve seen inside a Civil War Ironclad?




None, I tell you!





But now you have…

And are sure to be the envy of all your neighbors at the next block party.