Here we go again.


We love our large back yard.




Specifically because there’s nothing to see except grass and the occasional 4 legged visitor.

It’s quiet, peaceful and far away from other houses.



Remember a while back when I complained about the neighbor behind us who parked his motor home right next to our property line instead of on any of his other 10 acres?


Well, the other day as I was reading on the couch, I heard banging.

Do you see it?




How about now?



The neighbor’s house isn’t visible from our place, and they have a good 12 acres worth of property, if not more. Some is cleared, some wooded… and it goes right down to the water.

So what did they do?



They started construction of a tree house…… right next to our property line.

Grass? Ours. Brush? Theirs.

Maybe 6 feet between the end of our grass and their tree house frame.

12 acres plus… more than 522,720 square feet! But they had to pick the only spot on our common border that’s open to viewing from our side.

I’d like to bitch… but we love these neighbors, and have always had a good relationship.  The owner lost her husband to Parkinsons a few years ago and it broke all our hearts. The home is large and was too much for her to handle alone so her daughter and family  moved in to help. Two granddaughters and two step grandsons are now also in residence, hence the tree house.

Which technically it isn’t, since it’s merely tree adjacent.




I don’t mean to sound anti children, but damn. We’re on the other side of the life spectrum and relish our peace and quiet.

But there it is, looming over our backyard.




Did I mention it’s strategically placed on the only break of the tree line?

12 plus acres…. and they had to put it there!


29 thoughts on “Here we go again.”

  1. I would plant a very large tree. We had neighbours who took down all their trees in their garden, which rightly so it is theirs after all. But they done it so they could look into ours, so we planted big trees in ours and now after a long seven years they can no longer spy on us. We have our privacy back, we can eat in peace without prying eyes on all our movements. To be honest I couldn’t see what they wanted to nose at, its not as if we lead an adventous lifestyle haha.

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      1. I think they put it as far away from their house to NOT hear the brats. I am adverse to small children because I haven’t come across any well behaved kids in a long time. Mostly I just want to make them cry if they piss me off, like when I’m at Target and some brat is screaming their lungs out and the parents are just ignoring them. Because ignoring them will make them shut up……NOT!

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      2. While random Target children are annoying, the sad thing is our neighbor’s are lovely. I don’t even know what I’m bitching about really. Maybe I’m just getting old!

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  2. Too bad you get along with your neighbors, if you didn’t you could set up a strategically placed rifle range.

    “Hey, there’s not problem…. unless someone inadvertently aims high – but gosh, that’s not gonna happen. And the bullet holes in the tree house, we don’t know a thing about that.”

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