It ain’t what it used to be.


Going out for a seafood dinner certainly has changed in recent months.

Gone are the charming restaurants with lovely oceanfront views. Gone are the meticulously crafted cocktails and professional wait staff.

These days?



It’s a long line of cars idling at the curb waiting to cue up to a traveling roach coach.



While this would normally not be the least bit appealing, I was quite sick of cooking last week and one of the husband’s friends swore this seafood was good, plentiful and reasonably priced.



From the size of the crowds you’d think the circus had come to town.

People be desperate.

We waited 20 minutes in the car parade, 10 minutes for a girl to take our order, and another 20 minutes for the food.

50 minutes without a martini?

Is not my idea of dinner out.



To say I should have known it would be bad is trite…. but oh, so true.

For slightly over $30?



I received 2 absolutely disgusting and totally inedible crab cakes…. while the husband frantically tried to find a section of fish in the foot thick batter.

Disappointing doesn’t begin to describe that rancid grease drenched mess.

Bad seafood is always bad.

But this?


49 thoughts on “It ain’t what it used to be.”

  1. Oohhhh noooo! You know, I love a nice questionable dive, my favorite place in town used to be this disgusting thai restaraunt in the back room of a grocery store that served deliious food but were eventually shut down by the health department, lol

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  2. Similarly, we went to our favorite Mexican place to pick up take out a couple of weeks ago; they never disappoint. They were friendly, courteous, and pretty quick, as always, but they were frantic and busy as hell. The food was a disappointment, I’m sorry to say. These are strange times. Will things ever be the same?

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  3. I have never been a big fish-eater … and after seeing your pictures of your meal, I may never become one.

    Your experience reminded me of a meme I saw a few days ago. It said, “After this is all over, the police are going to have to physically remove me from a Mexican restaurant.”

    I feel that. Very much.

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      1. I wish there was a good pub in my area. You’d think living in Dallas there would be any number of them. I shall just have to be content with hanging out in my favorite Mexican restaurant. Hopefully, it won’t be called “Ye Olde Mexican Bistro” and have four wheels and an engine. Although there are plenty of those here, too.

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      2. Ours just opened last year. Very small, local. But the drinks are generous pours, the burgers are fabulous and the bartender is a Scot with a twisted sense of humor. We get on well.


    1. I had visions of airdropping that foot thick fish batter on his roof during the high heat of August but alas…. he runs a sawmill and is the husband’s main supplier of baby barn wood so that may not happen.

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  4. $30+ ?? Wow. We’ve been getting sushi from Ichi in Rochester. ALWAYS good. Also getting from our badly missed local Del’s. I can’t wait for this to be done. I want a good steak!!

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      1. It’s very easy. Local salon wanted to hire me but because I hadn’t gone to school (even tho I have 30 years experience) they couldn’t.

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      2. No, they wouldn’t be able to. States require a school certificate for licensing.
        Are we talking the powders and liquids and tips like I get? There’s no way I’d be able to do that with my left hand.

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