New is not always improved.


You never know what the grocery store will be out of these days.

I haven’t seen flour for weeks, unless it’s made from something ghastly. At this point, dehydrated tofu/arugula flour wouldn’t surprise me.

Along with the lack of everyday items comes the strange substitutions.

Some, I can live with.



Peach and almond dish soap? Sure.

Legume pastas? Not so much.



Colorful? Yes.

Tasty? I doubt it.



Yes, these horrors are still on the shelf.

Though that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

I couldn’t find my regular orange juice last trip and had to home with this.



And all I can say is the fruit might have ripened on the tree…. but the flavor leeched out on the way to the bottle. A less fruity fruit juice you’re not apt to find.

Then there was this, that the husband simply had to buy when the peanut butter shelf was empty.



Roasted watermelon seed butter.




”  ‘In with the new’  kinda day” ?

This abomination looks like beige spackling paste and smells half as appetizing. Needless to say the other half had one sandwich and called it good.

Did I mention it was $17 a jar?

A new scent of soap made its way to the shelves and being a mango lover, I had high hopes.



Sadly there was a lot more butter than mango in this product and unless you have a sudden urge to smell like a hot bucket of movie theater popcorn? I’d steer clear.

And finally, there were Pete and Gerry’s eggs.



What happened to Ben….

Good God, is my Cherry Garcia in peril?



Gerry… go back to Ben.

Substitutions are not always acceptable.


39 thoughts on “New is not always improved.”

  1. I don’t do organic. I grew up on a farm. Pretty much everything IS organic. LOL

    And….being a cancer patient’s wife, one of the FIRST things we learned? NEVER get orange juice from concentrate. Cancer LOVES that shit.

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  2. … ended up getting pancake mix since we can’t get flour … life without waffles just isn’t worth living …
    But generic brands of soup are going on the shelves, but the staples like Campbells and Progresso are still bare. Starting to get a bit nervous … broke into the last case of septic tank friendly TP … if they don’t start stocking by September …
    I think we are down to 15 bars of Irish Spring, and wondering if it is time to panic yet.
    Neighbor has told us he’ll butcher a cow if there is a meat shortage … so we are cool there.
    But I can’t get my tractor fixed … the mechanics are all staying home. 😦

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  3. Roasted Watermelon seed…..blah…butter!?!? What in Gods name is happening in your side of the country? Lol
    I’ve been able to fine toilet paper, paper towels and peanut butter, thank goodness, here lately. Oh and flour too, whew…..still wondering who thought up roasted watermelon seed butter…..they should be shot.

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  4. This happens not only during a pandemic. Trump went to the store for brain food when he was young, but all they had was mush. He liked it so mush, he can’t get enough of it ever since.

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