How big is big?


Big is a relative term.

I think my butt is big, but then I look at J Lo and Beyoncé and feel positively svelte.

So in an attempt to answer the title question..



Yes, traffic lights are that big…. which makes your go to excuse of “But I didn’t see that red light officer” a trifle lame.

Moose are this big.



This might surprise people who don’t live in Maine or Alaska, but yes. Hit one with your car and you’ll find out just how freakishly gigantic they really are.

The pyramids?


Pretty big.



And to be honest, this picture made me cross climbing to the top of one off my travel bucket list.

And finally, for Masercot. Who has never fully gotten on board the wombat bandwagon.

There’s wombat big.



Big and beautiful.

Yes sir.

They got that right.

29 thoughts on “How big is big?”

  1. How big is big? Did you know that the Greenhouses of Almeria are visible from space but that the Great Wall of China is, in fact, not?

    Me either.

    But your informative posts always send me Googling and googling is how I found out that.

    Next I’m googling “why is a wombat a bat at all?”

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  2. Many moons ago I went with some Aleuts I was working with to spot bear on Kodiak Island in an old surplus Jeep. The driver stopped near a pile of broken limbs left by loggers, and this huge brown bear (kodiak) stood up from behind the pile to see us better.

    He kept standing, and standing and standing. Gawd was he big! In an open Jeep my bear rifle seemed to be a little small to stop him if he took a notion to charge. I breathed a sigh of relief when he ambled off into the forest ….

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