You know your bush is too big when…..



This is a G rated post.

I’m speaking of  a yew bush in front of our home office window.

It’s large, unruly and was in need of a pruning. Problem was, I couldn’t reach most of it from outside so……




I hung out the window and did a little hedge trimming from the inside.




This results in an utter mess and small green needles everywhere.

But what’s a girl to do when her bush needs trimming?





That’s better.

20 thoughts on “You know your bush is too big when…..”

  1. Hewing the Yew … I dunno … that hedger has an awful lot of teeth on it. I would go with a smaller tool when bush trimming. But then, what would I know about that? I use a Bush-Hog® to hew my yews …

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  2. My condolences. I have two ugly spruce between my east windows and I loathe them. I cut them back so far every year. I cannot believe how big and fast they grow!

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